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  1. Yes i,ve noticed now that backing off throttle allows it to change up on its own.Sometimes i,ll just flick the paddle shift and do it manually.Thats the good thing about these gearboxes its a case of drive it how you like.
  2. Yes just like my Lexus with the eCVT.Its an amazing smooth gearbox.
  3. I use the wifes 2020 X Trend quite a lot as my Lexus is a bit thirsty round town. This MMT gearbox is a bit confusing as wanting to drive it economically.(My view anyway) In auto mode (E) it can rev really high before changing gear on its own.But if i drive it in Manual mode with the flappy paddles it wants you to change gear really low down as it shows the "Shift Up" indicator.I find this really puzzling as its obviously a preset ECU thing but in full Auto it does what it likes. Apart from this if you drive it manually its a good little gearbox but after only 5600 miles its early days yet.The wife loves it as she can only drive an auto as a manual gearbox really confuses her haha.She is only learning to drive though and couldn,t get on with the Citigo Sport before. Sorry to bore you all but its just my observation on this cool little car.
  4. There isn,t one in my wifes 2020 X Trend either.I bought a motion sensing LED strip off Ebay that just uses a magnet on the back of the rear seats.It works great.
  5. Would love to know what the CVT is like compared to the MMT although you can,t really compare.
  6. Agree with the above.My wifes Aygo wasn,t used for 2 months recently.It started straight up a few days ago.I wouldn,t bother disconnecting the battery.
  7. Great car.I do prefer the later alloys on these.
  8. Its the CAT you can smell.I occasionally get this smell too on the wifes Aygo auto.Its only done 2500 miles so i take it that its normal.It doesn,t slip in gear or anything.I think its just getting very hot giving off this smell.
  9. I love driving my wifes X Trend auto using the paddles.Its a lot of fun.
  10. TOYOTA AYGO 2014 - 2019 BOOT LOCK AND CATCH MECHANISM COMPLETE | eBay Seen this on eBay.
  11. Had this problem on a Lexus once and the cure via a Lexus Tech was to slightly bend the wiper arm which helped clear better.
  12. This sounds fine to me.I wouldn,t adjust it if so otherwise you,ll make the cable too tight and give yourself more trouble.
  13. I wonder if they will be offering this in automatic and what auto they will be using.
  14. Constructive reply thanks for the input. I have the seat far back as i,m 6`4" tall and this vent has a wide air flow.
  15. Looking at the parts catalogue its showing this.
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