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  1. Hi Just FYI attached below is a PDF listing the pin outs on the back of a Touch & Go, I am pretty sure they are all correct (let me know if you think otherwise) Also attached is a wiring diagram for most Toyota steering wheel controls and how they connect to the back of a head unit and also the spiral connector on the car side of the steering wheel. The PDF only outlines the connections for the LHD controller, but if you add a RHD controller to the LHD controller with the Wire Sub Assembly below, it adds the Hands free functions as well. This is information I have compiled for a project to fit a Touch & Go Plus to a 2005 Toyota Landcruiser LC120 LC4. I am also retrofitting the steering wheel controls for audio and handsfree as the car doesn't come with any controls on the steering wheel at all. The project requires the purchase of the following parts (all exclude VAT): LHD Switch Steering Pad 8424758020E1 £89.39 LHD Controller (VOL+, VOL-, Track+, Track-, MODE) RHD Switch Steering Pad 8424460061E0 £84.64 RHD Controller (HOOK OFF, HOOK ON, VOICE) Cable Sub Assembly 8420458010 £30.23 Wire Sub Assembly (to connect the RHD controller to the LHD controller, the LHD then connects to the spiral connector on the steering wheel along with Cruise Control stalk) AirBag & Cover 4513060321E0 £431.58 Cover Only - eBay (From the USA around £50) New Airbag cover or new airbag, but this is the expensive route (see above), you can purchase new covers, but have to do some careful DIY and remove the current airbag from the current cover and fit the new cover that has the cutouts for the RHD & LHD controls. The Airbag is attached to the cover by 4x 16mm rivets, you will need to drill out the old rivets, buy some matching rivets and attach the new cover to the airbag with the new rivets. NOTE the airbag is an explosive device, detach car battery for at least 30mins before disconnecting airbag. Undertake at your own risk. If due care and diligence is undertaken then it is a relatively safe and straight forward procedure. TNS510 Mic PZ4450033302 £46.70 (non returnable)I will post some pictures of the steering wheel controls installation when I get all the parts together and commence the project. steeringpad.pdf
  2. Does anybody here on this forum know where to get the latest Toyota Workshop manuals. I'm not sure if all vehicles are contained on one CD/DVD or whether there is a disc per vehicle. I'm looking for the latest Landcruiser 2003-Present Workshop manual and for the life of me cannot find one, either they're like gold dust or Toyota just don't release their latest manuals to joe public. I've heard you can buy them form your parts department, but at a price. Would anyone be interested in sharing the cost of such a manual and making ahem.."back-ups" of it ;) ...just a thought
  3. Belated Update.... All fitted now, I got the Handbrake and speed signal wires mixed up, what I thought was the handbrake signal was actually the speed signal; I found this out by connecting it up to the speed signal input and then going into the diagnostic mode and driving around a bit and noticed the Kph/Mph registering the pulses. Also I piggy backed off the 12V signal from the reverse wire to power the rear camera, this way the camera is not permanently on so less wear on the components. Anyway it'a all fitted now a looks completely OEM especially the rear view camera which always gets remarks when passengers notice it kicking in. Might try and post some pictures. Anyone retro fitted the air leveling suspension form the LC5? Could be the next project (I hear you saying why on earth didn't you just buy an LC5) ;o)
  4. Yes, you have to supply a 12V line to the hand-brake connector on the rear of your Sat-Nav. Usually when the hand-brake is "on" it supplies 12V to the input on the back of the Sat-Nav system and nothing when the hand-brake is off; so if you supply a constant 12V feed to this connector it will think the hand-brake is "on" and therefore allow you to use the sat-nav system whilst on the move.
  5. Yep, just fitted one this weekend to a 2005 LC4, and a rear view camera too. Had to remove the standard issue TNS300 turn-by-turn SAT-NAV. The Prados in Oz have the full screen SAT-Nav (the uk model SAT-NAV is the B9003 AISIN) Mail me if you need any further info.
  6. Just fitted the b9003 full screen sat-nav to my LC4 Land Cruiser; it originally came with the TNS300 with ETA system but I decided to swap it out for the AISIN B9003 full screen version. So far so good but I've got a few issues... 1. Managed to find out which wire the "reverse" signal was on so with my Pioneer rear view camera when put into reverse the screen changes to the rear view image, I assume this is because there is no power going to the camera (I've used all the connections on the 4 pin connector ont the back of the B9003 i.e. 2 for the camera and two for +ve power and ground. When in reverse the screen displays the usual "Check Your Surroundings" message but no image. So it is registering when in reverse, but it's not displaying any image from the camera. Might try taking power from the reverse lights...pain! 2. Can identify the parking (hand) brake signal too 3. CAN'T identify the speed signal, the TNS300 doesn't seem to come with one, it only seemed to come with 2 inputs (reverse & hand-brake) both of these inputs have been confirmed via the diagnostic mode on the B9003...does anyone know where I can get the speed signal from, I can't believe that the TNS300 doesn't use the speed signal but I can't for the life of me find it! My Land Cruiser is in bits and needs the forums help!
  7. Don't you think that a price differential of £2500 between ebay and the dealer might suggest the ebay ones are a bit "hot". OK, you might get a good priced one on Ebay, but £2500 cheaper shouts dodgy all the way :arrgg-matey: Even £1000 would be a bargain seeing ones like the Pioneer with large screens retail at between £1200 - £1500. Maybe this is why people aren't having much luck at finding them on Ebay for around £500
  8. Something is going 280KPH but whether it's a Landcruiser is your guess!
  9. Ironically I use an American product so you should have no problems sourcing it. It's called Scratch X and is one of those products that when you use it for the first time you go "Wow!" $6.99 to you guys over the pond, and annoyingly that becomes £8.99 when you buy it here in the UK, go figure! :ffs: Meguiars For the Yanks Meguiars UK For the Brits
  10. Found out an interesting thing today...well I though it was interesting. Looking through the brochure for a Landcruiser I was deciding on the interior/exterior colour choices, only to find out that you effectively don't get a choice, it's made for you by Toyota GB. I like the Astral Black exterior but like the Sequoia Beige leather interior...Oh, apparently you can't have that combination, the sequoia is on available on two exterior colours, of which neither I like and I doubt many of you have seen on the road either for the very same reasons! So it has to be Astral black and Yukon grey. Anyway, I was poking around a dealer the other day and what did I see, Astral Black with Sequoia Beige interior; so I went promptly to a sales exec and said "how come?, it's not allowed in the brochure!", "Oh, it's a dealer special order" was the reply, "Can I get a special order?" I asked, "No" was the answer. How infuriating is that, I know it's possible, I know it can be done, but they just won't do it for me. On further research I looked at some of the European websites, and guess what, you can order any colour exterior with either the grey or the beige interior. So why are we being dictated to here in the UK?? If I had the cash I'd have bought the used one there and then, the black and the beige looked stunning. Anyone know of a dealer that would do a "Special" for a normal punter?
  11. Where is the DVD unit fixed in the LC5. Also can anyone confirm my belief that the Sat-Nav Operating System (OS) on the latest LC5 is not as new as the Sat-Nav found on the RAV XT5 for example, from the pictures I've seen the OS interfaces look slightly different.
  12. Has anyone done this? I decided not to go for the LC5 as the LC4 was £4K less but decided instead to retro fit the large touch screen sat nav to the LC4; so I've been looking into it LC5 Interior LC3 Interior But with TNS300 fitted The LC4 comes with the TNS300 system with ETA, the double din Sat-Nav with the small B&W LCD screen with voice and turn-by-turn navigation. I want to upgrade it to the full colour Sat-Nav as found in the Corolla, Previa, RAV XT5, and the Avensis Verso. The one with fold down screen whice reveals the two disc slots (one for the NavDVD, and one for an audio CD) To reinforce this point the Prado (Australian/Far East Landcruiser equivalent) has the latter unit in it so it must be possible somehow. Now a few of you here have fitted the latter Sat-Nav system to your RAVs (by the way does anyone know the model number of this system?) and have said that it is relatively straight forward. The parts department at most dealer say otherwise, "no sir your LC4 one is integrated as is the one in the Corolla and the RAV XT5" If it's integrated how come some of you guys have been able to buy them off the Ebay and fit them youselves? I would have thought that it would be a near straight swap of one unit for another, give or take maybe a few cable/connector issues. The dealer was going on about integration with the engine management system and how both systems are completely different. As I see it both systems will need power, hhmm, no big deal; both will have the standard audio connections, no big deal again; both will have a GPS antenna, both will have a speed/reverse connection. So all in all whats the issue here? Where does the enginemanagement system come into it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.