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  1. Hi Eddie, I have DM you with my reg.
  2. Hi Stephen. Part number: 4504609570 Found this one on eBay.
  3. I found First Line Tie Rod End Outer Rh and Lh at £17 / piece. I couldn't find any other brand mentioned by you, Tony. Should I place the order for this ones? Here is a link. Btw do you know where First Line products are made?
  4. Hi Tony. I was thinking to change them myself and just go for aligment. Btw do you know an online store to have quality parts? If you can send me a link, dm me please. Thank you
  5. Hello people, I have an update. I have regased the a/c today @ toyota delarship. While doing that, they found a split track rod end gaitor. They quoted £150 to fix it. I have checked and the part is £20. How much do you think a corner garage would charge to change it? (see the attched picture they took)
  6. That is good to know, thank you! Do you have a tutorial for that?
  7. kwik fit did that to a friend of mine... said that the brake fluid was changed and they didnt do it.... my friend test it and it was 3% water, went back and they actually did it 2nd time...
  8. I just passed 1500 miles done since I bought the car. I paid 6.5k for it, but I wouldn't sell it for 8k. The only 2 things that are not right: steering wheel sits a bit to right (i will do a wheel alignment when I will put new tyres on the car) the low idle rpm which makes the center arm rest vibrate a little (but i will clean the throttle body when the weather will allow me to do so) Next thing that I am thinking to do is to change every interior light bulb with LED ones. 😄
  9. lol, what a coincidence 🙃 can you modify the idle rpm? mine is very low and its vibrating 100 rpm more and its spot on. or should i do that from the throttle body?
  10. I was I was looking at it the other day, can you remove error codes as well? And customize functions?
  11. Not an update but I am thinking to buy an OBD Scanner. Any advises?
  12. Next on the list is to buy a wheel wrench because the original one was lost most probably (its not there anymore). Idk what size are the nuts but found this one which has 17mm/19mm /21mm/23mm so one of them should fit. Sorry Tony, I've missed your previous post about Petrol. I fill it up with 99 E5 as well, from Tesco also, it seems ok.
  13. Update: The brake fluid is DOT 4 I bought a tester off ebay, it shows OK with 1% water value. I will replace the brake fluid in the summer anyways. BTW, I have noticed a slight vobration while idle after the engine worms up. If I rev it to 900-1000, it dissappeara. Any ideas?
  14. Hi, I seem to have the same "issue". Have you found out what was the cause?
  15. I forgot to do it today, but I will look at what says on the cap tomorrow. I am planning to do an oil change every 6k miles along with filter ( its only £3-£4 ). Btw, I am using E5 petrol 99 Octane. Do you guys use E10 95 Octane?
  16. I will check the cap, thank you! I will actually keep this topic as an online service history for myself.
  17. Btw what DOT do I need to buy? 3, 4 or 5.1?
  18. I have an account on toyota uk website and i've added my car. I just looked on youtube and i can definetly do the job myself, I didnt know it was so simple. Not very easy, but simple. I will do it next spring as you suggested.
  19. I wouldn't do a brake fluid flush myself, I am not that confident :). How much do you think a garage would charge me for the job? & Thank you for reply!
  20. Hello people, I bought the car (Auris 2013 1.6 Petrol) 1 month ago which just reached 65k miles. It has service history but mainly the oil and oil filter was changed every 10k-15k miles, or so. What I've done (changed) so far : oil and oil filter; air filter; cabin pollen filter; spark plugs; antifreeze (coolant). I've checked the brake fluid level and its fine. Topped up the screen wash with winter fluid. Did a battery health test and seems ok. Do you guys think I should check and/or change anything else?
  21. Hi people, I've attached a pic with some bolts that need replacing because they're rusted badly. Any idea what kind are they and where to buy them from? Possibly give me a link? Thank you!!
  22. Catlover I Have the car for literally 2 days now :)))
  23. Its the fuel pump. I've booked the car in just now at my local toyota dealer, they will do it for free. Thank you guys
  24. This is whats on gov site. I came across it by coincidence.
  25. Hi friends, I just checked my MOT status and looks like yesterday Toyota issued a recall on my Auris which is 1.6 Petrol 63 plate. Any idea what is this about? I've sent my local dealer an email to ask but i am curious if someone else got it or knows what is it about. Thank you!!
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