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  1. Hi Tony. I was thinking to change them myself and just go for aligment. Btw do you know an online store to have quality parts? If you can send me a link, dm me please. Thank you

  2. Hello people, I have an update.

    I have regased the a/c today @ toyota delarship.

    While doing that, they found a split track rod end gaitor. They quoted £150 to fix it.

    I have checked and the part is £20.

    How much do you think a corner garage would charge to change it?

    (see the attched picture they took)

    Screenshot_20220331-151145_Samsung Internet.jpg

  3. I just passed 1500 miles done since I bought the car. I paid 6.5k for it, but I wouldn't sell it for 8k. The only 2 things that are not right:

    • steering wheel sits a bit to right (i will do a wheel alignment when I will put new tyres on the car) 
    • the low idle rpm which makes the center arm rest vibrate a little (but i will clean the throttle body when the weather will allow me to do so)

    Next thing that I am thinking to do is to change every interior light bulb with LED ones. 😄 

  4. I was

    2 minutes ago, TonyHSD said:

    I use Carista and happy so far helps me going through the issues. Yearly subscription it’s a bit of downside but if you compare with dealers visits pays off many times. 

    I was looking at it the other day, can you remove error codes as well? And customize functions?

  5. Next on the list is to buy a wheel wrench because the original one was lost most probably (its not there anymore). 

    Idk what size are the nuts but found this one which has  17mm/19mm /21mm/23mm so one of them should fit. 


    Sorry Tony, I've missed your previous post about Petrol. I fill it up with 99 E5 as well, from Tesco also, it seems ok.

  6. Update: The brake fluid is DOT 4

    I bought a tester off eBay, it shows OK with 1% water value.

    I will replace the brake fluid in the summer anyways.

    BTW, I have noticed a slight vobration while idle after the engine worms up. If I rev it to 900-1000, it dissappeara. Any ideas?

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  7. I forgot to do it today, but I will look at what says on the cap tomorrow. 

    I am planning to do an oil change every 6k miles along with filter ( its only £3-£4 ).

    Btw, I am using E5 petrol 99 Octane. Do you guys use E10 95 Octane?

  8. I have an account on toyota uk website and i've added my car.

    I just looked on youtube and i can definetly do the job myself, I didnt know it was so simple. Not very easy, but simple.

    I will do it next spring as you suggested.

  9. Hello people, 

    I bought the car (Auris 2013 1.6 Petrol) 1 month ago which just reached 65k miles. It has service history but mainly the oil and oil filter was changed every 10k-15k miles, or so. 

    What I've done (changed) so far :

    • oil and oil filter;
    • air filter;
    • cabin pollen filter;
    • spark plugs;
    • antifreeze (coolant).

    I've checked the brake fluid level and its fine. Topped up the screen wash with winter fluid. Did a Battery health test and seems ok. 

    Do you guys think I should check and/or change anything else? 

  10. Hi friends, I just checked my MOT status and looks like yesterday Toyota issued a recall on my Auris which is 1.6 Petrol 63 plate. Any idea what is this about? I've sent my local dealer an email to ask but i am curious if someone else got it or knows what is it about. 

    Thank you!!

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