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  1. Hello guys Thanks for your replys. The car connects normally to my Iphone via Bluetooth just for calling and audio player but not for the internet. when I use my Iphone as internet hotspot I need to connect everytime and enter my wifi password . Once connected, it couldn’t download anything and keeps saying no internet connection. I have Toyota online account but it seems that Toyota cars have a problem with connecting to Iphone. Really I am very disappointed with this as I wish to receive live updates about traffic while I am driving
  2. Hi, I have just bought a 2019 Corolla but having a couple of network issues. First,It doesn't seem to save my wifi info so it won't automatically connect to my mobile wifi, I have to keep inputting my password and sometimes takes a while to find my phone though my bluetooth connects straight away. The second issue is even though I'm connected to a wifi source home or mobile, when I try connecting to say e-store or looking at the weather for instance it fails and I get "an error has occurred. try again. but even trying again I have no luck, worked fine the first couple of days but now nothing. Any ideas
  3. The same issue is with me. I have Toyota Corolla 2019. Not downloading when the car is connected to my iPhone hotspot. I need to input password and connect every time I connect
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