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  1. Yaris IV has, depending on the market, either Halogen (in lower spec models) or LED (higher spec models). You have to look closely at the specifications for the market in which you are buying (UK, Ireland, Greece, whatever), to see if the specification that interests you has the lights you want. I expect it would be similar for the Cross.
  2. It's a sure fire method of finding something lost, buy a new one!
  3. Talking about being hypnotised, Have you ever driven on an Interstate highway through a major US city, especially in the Midwestern and Western states, somewhere like Phoenix, for example. Generally, nearly everybody drives at the same speed on those highways, it feels like you are going nowhere ! Junctions come and go, but the buildings by the side of the highway all look identical, it just goes on and on, just like the car sequences in a film where it is so obvious that the scenery is moving and not the car!
  4. Nice summary, Tony. I used to run AC all the time, winter and summer in the 208, at least I didn't have to re-gas like I did every year with the previous Clio, I only used the AC in the summer. With the Yaris IV, for extremely short trips (2km or less) I'll turn all ventilation and heating off, but anything that can be vaguely considered a normal run (2Km or more) I'll leave the AC on. Last tank (23 litres) was noticeably higher than the previous but there was a lot of autoroute, and the temperatures are over 35°C. Clearly the Yaris is happier at 80-90 kph than 100-110 kph in terms of fuel consumption.
  5. The thing is, they are not strictly scams. They offer a service, for which they charge a very hefty commission, if you are savvy and paying attention, you would know that you don't have to do it that way. In France, so much has been made "digital/electronic" whatever you want to call it, that some people are completely incapable to complete what should be relatively straight forward administrative tasks, like getting the car registration changed, for example. They even invented a word "illectronique" (or something similar, I always forget what it is), to describe the inability of technophobes to manage in these modern times. (In a TV report, one lady had put off/was unable to complete her retirement request for over two years, because she didn't know what an email address was! The worst of it for her, is she'll never see those two years of retirement pension, because they don't back date applications here.)
  6. Be careful, some third party sites will make the application for you, and charge you a 50+ € for the pleasure. My technophobe sister in law got caught out that way, make sure you go through this site : https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr
  7. I hang out here, so not exactly what you are looking for, but yes, I have the dash rattle too.
  8. That wasn't made clear to me at time of sale. Admittedly this is a minor point for me, though, I keep the car in the garage, and more so in the summer. I have don't have the dual zone CC, but it may have persuaded me to go for a specification that had it. I ordered my car 31/08/2021.
  9. The two quotes are not necessarily exclusive, you can have the built in sim that provides a constant connection, and have it limited to 4 years. As with the current built in GPS there is more than likely a "recharge" to pay after the 4 year limit.
  10. Don't now how it is in the UK, but that used veggie oil from the chippy, gets reused and some of it does end up as fuel for cars, restaurants sell that used oil.
  11. Does that mean that, if it was hot and pollen count was low you would have windows open when driving at, say, 60 mph or above ? If so, I think you are better using AC rather than the having the windows open, window open = more drag.
  12. I'd say that mirrors my experience, although I don't particular use the cars peppier capabilities that often. The biggest, if you can call it that, adjustment I have made is knocking 5 km/h of my autoroute cruising speed, which I used to hold at 110 km/h now I have at 105 km/h. At that sort of speed that means 9% less energy, for time penalty a little over two minutes for a 100km trip. Admittedly, there could be other factors involved, but doing this when doing motorway runs, gave me about 0,5l/100 km improvement on the long trips, where EV mode is used much less than in daily "here and there" running. I have also found that my feet have learned how to drive the car differently to the turbo ICE car I had before, essentially earlier and generally softer braking. I was constantly being scolded by the MyT app for harsh braking, nowadays it only happened when I have had brake suddenly or harder for a situation I had misread.
  13. I think that about sums up how I arrived at buying my Yaris IV. When Renault introduced the Zoe (in 2009 ?), I thought "That's the definitive solution", some friends already had a Prius (a MK II, I think) and I thought "Hybrid = too complicated". Truth is, I was very ignorant of Toyotas hybrid solution and how it worked at the time, plus home charging was not possible for me back then. At the time I had a Clio III 1.5 Dci, and I was easily getting 4,5-5l/100 km, and filling up every 1000 km (+/-). Then, I thought diesel was the best choice for my usage, that is a daily 75 km round trip commute (I can comfortably get 600 km from a 2/3 fill up on the Yaris). It took me 13 years to "get" the hybrid tech, and I am no longer 100% convinced that BEV is the future, or the best choice for right now. I only need one car, because if I needed two, I might be tempted by an ICE, for the highway, and a BEV, for short journeys. As it is the MyT app tells me, that I get 65% EV time and 50%, at least EV distance. Tellingly, the more I use the Yaris for short trips, the higher the percentage of EV distance I get, too.
  14. Yes, me too. but 2500-3000 € extra just for that, and all the bother of undoing the 17" rims and the definitely not black headliner.
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