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  1. You can also change the setting from the ultra annoying beeps, to the vibration through the steering wheel. It’s what I have done, I can live with that, in fact, I appreciate the lane tracking with that setting.
  2. HUD, any day, any time, no brainer. End of discussion.
  3. If you we’re lucky, your dealer would offer your a trade in/trade up. Mine said he used to do that, but ended up with too many tyres unsold. At least, so he said. I’ve got a virtually unused set of summers in the garage, plus a hardly used set of winters. At least the dealer fitted the all seasons I wanted at no charge.
  4. So, all Mazda 2 based on the Yaris will be built in France, or will the production be shared with Kolin ?
  5. Why bother ? A smartphone with a GPS app will do the trick.
  6. Sea level and low relief terrain really help, my best figures are at sea level, or lots of downhill to get to sea level 😉
  7. New is relative, but I think the car suits, let's say, a mature forward thinking outlook on driving, rather than a, call it, reptilian attitude.
  8. Peugeot 208 EAT6 to a Yaris Design. I drive slower now with the Yaris Hybrid, once you get the hang of getting the most (i.e. lowest fuel consumption) out the car, driving slower comes naturally. The Yaris has the guts for country road overtaking, but continuous high speed (> 70 mph/110kph) is not its strong point. I wouldn't go back to a standard ICE car now.
  9. I looked at tyres I bought 2 years ago at c. 90 €, today's price 145 €. I paid about 90 € for the Goodyears, that was about 12 months ago, today's price 125 €, give or take.
  10. I have the Goodyear Vector G3. Very pleased with them, I was afraid they would melt with the summer heat (Southern France) but they've been just fine. I haven't had to test them on snow, though. The Michelin Cross climate appear to have been developed to go from sea level to snow altitudes and back in the same day. Speculation, I admit, but that's what I have gleaned from reading. The Vredenstein are the cheaper option, but appear to be as highly rated as the other options. (Now if I could just shift my hardly used winter tyres, and the < 25 km summer tyres sitting in my garage ... )
  11. It's not close to accurate for the first 100 miles/150km +/-, but after that it's pretty close to being on track. I noticed once when running low, according to the My T app, that the car actually bumped up the range from < 50km to > 200 km. I wondered if this was because the car had decided I was truly on reserve ? So far I haven't managed to put more than c. 26 litres in the Yaris, when "running on empty".
  12. I couldn't figure out how to do that on my non UK design, I just have overall average fuel consumption displayed.
  13. Is that just the Corolla ? In the Yaris, a long press on down or up gives +/- 5 kph, or mph, or multiples thereof, but if you dab the buttons then it adjusts by +/- 1 kph, or mph. Generally, under those circumstances, there is no braking, just a natural slow down. Or you do it the way @Cyker does it.
  14. Lucky you ! I thought only the RAV4 had the auto lock, it's such a glaring omission in a 21st century car !
  15. I suspect that the dealer would have some deal going with Toyota, whereby they get some discount on new car (multiple) orders, and would then sell your trade in to someone who needs a, relatively, new car quickly. Some people are in the situation, where their old car needs a repair, and the part is unobtanium, and they cannot be without another car. Your dealer says he can get you into another Yaris for a lower monthly instalment, that indicates improved financing rates offered by Toyota main office. IMO.
  16. You can get manuals for most Toyotas online : Search Toyota manuals Be sure to look for "Toyota C-HR" as the model, because "C-HR" is not where you might think it should be in the alphabetical list.
  17. That's what I have learnt after driving for many years with cars with aircon, If you don't use regularly you'll find you will have to recharge the gas more often, this was the case with the Clio III I had. My previous 208, prior to the Yaris, it was always on. With the Yaris, I leave the aircon in "Econ" mode in cooler weather, and only for very short trips, less than 2km, do I turn it off. Even then, I don't think I gain very much. At normal driving speeds, in warmer weather, it is, IMO, better to use AC than have the car windows open.
  18. It took me at least 4 months to get the technique, if you can get two bars or even 3 bars on regen braking on a slow down without having the "real" brakes bite, I used to brake harder and later on on my 208, and didn't even realise I could brake sooner and less hard.
  19. The range remaining does not appear to be linear, leaving aside what I saw as strange behaviour. When I get into 4 bars remaining territory, the remaining range appears to go down by at least twice the rate as the distance I cover. As it happens, I did fuel up at least one day to early. I filled up at 1,95 €, and today best price locally is 1,78 € !
  20. A strange thing happened today. Getting low(ish) on fuel, 2 bars remaining, and range indicated as c. 160km. I was thinking I needed to refuel. I was driving on bumpy roads, if you can call them that - closer to goat tracks, when suddenly I had 4 bars of fuel remaining and range shown as c. 320 km. I filled up, and managed to put in just over 26 litres. Has anybody have something similar happen ? The manual says a warning light would come on at c. 6 litres remaining.
  21. If you don't know what it is, IMO. I like it now, after the first few days, and after having changed from the buzzer/beep to the steering nudge..
  22. TBH, I really wanted the HUD after the test drive, it really does, IMO, save refocusing the eyes on the dash, and taking the eyes off the road. My eyes are better now, after implants to correct cataracts, than ever before the implants (with the exception of close range, i.e. less than a metre reading). I don't know how I would have reacted to the HUD when I had a a lot of astigmatism.
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