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  1. hi there, i just put 2 new tyres on front today lets see how behaves now...
  2. to be fair i feel the wheels very light whille driving never rigid, and i really do short trips when happen 2 times to me its was like miliseconds like turning for one side and the wheels going to another very fast never had this before even with realy bad tyres and older cars.
  3. but if it is power steering failure it shouldnt turn the warning light on dash?
  4. I dont know how to explain it well but... a week ago going to a straight road while driving i felt like steering wheel lost "control" for miliseconds like had no steering,scary ********** out of me and today while making a turn to the left in the midle of the corner i felt the same like lost steering going in front instead of turning the rest of the corner but very fast (like milisedonds). i was driving slowly on both situations and my front tyres are not new but i had other cars with tyres way worst that ive now and never happned to me like this.... was not raining as well very hot day. any ideias??? cheers
  5. cfs7

    Tyres doubt

    2014 the tyer was from previous owner, i bought the car 2 weeks ago.
  6. cfs7

    Tyres doubt

    i m gonna keep back tyres the are ok but my main concern is the grip and handling because i have the car two weeks but i dont have any confidence in corners and roundabouts and im looking a tyres with better grip and handling i dont mind "sacrifice" fuel economy. 😀
  7. cfs7

    Tyres doubt

    im havink a look Continental EcoContact 6 bridgstone turanza t005 pirelli centurato p1 verde
  8. cfs7

    Tyres doubt

    to be fair wrotte all season tyres because i want a summer an with rain with really good grip (dont have any snow) because the tyres that ive now are like "dead" and ive only have the car two weeks but i dont feel any confidence on corners or roundabouts with the car (grip) so what do you guys recommend for summer and wet but with a good grip and handling? ive eard before that eco tyre dont offer a good grip 1º image front tyre 2 back tyre cheers
  9. cfs7

    Tyres doubt

    on the back im using contiecocontact 3, on the front the goodyear effictien grip that im going to replace. why its not ideal mix seasons tyres with summer tyres?
  10. cfs7

    Tyres doubt

    Hi There i have an aygo 2008 and im going to replace my 2 front tyres. 155/65r14 im using the goodyear efficient grip compact but im loking an all season tyres. What do you guys advice? i live in portugal so we have nice summers but on winter it rains a loot as well... cheers
  11. i would like to know what are the specs of the wheels with r15 of the factory 😀
  12. Hi There, Anyone knows the specs of the wheels that came from factory with R15? the tyre was the 175/55/r15 but i would like to know the dimensions of the wheel. I think it was a special model released only on Netherlands on 2008. cheers
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