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    Forum site page is back with comment updating codes. It looks as if it will return
  2. As no response I examined the possibilities . It is not possible to syphon out through the filler as a filter is fitted to prevent this. In order to separate the filler hose pipes it is necessary to remove the wheel nearest the filler . Unscrew the second jubilee clip from the petrol tank. Then undo the bolt holding the plastic arm to the frame and pull it away from the hose. The anti symphonic filter is in the arm. I fed a small. diameter plastic pipe in to the fuel tank and syphoned out 32 litres. There were no bars showing on the fuel gauge. All a bit fiddly but not difficult.
  3. As no response decided to drain.
  4. Further to earlier posting I feel it might be prudent to drain the diesel/petrol fuel mixture. What is best method of draining the petrol tank?
  5. I carelessly started to fill with simple diesel and put in 8 litres . Was in big urgent hurry so decided to fill up with hi-energy 95 giving a diesel percentage of 24%. I drove 30 miles and the car drove as normal . On the return 30 miles the car started as normal and again drove as normal with no sign of stress or noise. Should I fill up with petrol and carry on reducing the ‰ diesel or drain the tank? Any one with experience of this issue. There is plenty scare mongering rubbish on google but factual knowledge appreciated.
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    I think it has been down too long for just a server issue.
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    I sometimes look at the bug site but get the message " does not respond" Have they folded?
  8. Same clutch as manual
  9. Presumably the clutch has been tested under load for slipping The clutch on the MMT box wears and the take up adjuster fails to work necessitating the box to be reset. The usual signs are total lack of creep when put in forward or reverse. Clutch failing to engage and the drive coming in with a lurch. Changing down to lower gears with a bang and generally rough moving away. Low mileage for a clutch to wear out but leaving it in gear at lights etc will precipitate wear as the clutch should be partially engaged.
  10. Sorry I was trying to reply to Wiz201 further up in the postings. She seemed to believe it was a fault.
  11. It should bleep every time you put it into reverse. It is a safety feature.
  12. Long wait almost over!
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    Have driven a Corolla for 5 years and now a 107 for 4 years both with the MMT box and I think once mastered they are very good in both modes. They have to have mild creep in 1st 2nd and reverse otherwise the gear changes can be very jerky or even fail to engage and come in with fierce ***** when the clutch engages. Resetting the MMT ecu restores the box to optimum performance. This can only be done with special equipment (Inteligent tester 2 or Lexia). The ecu has fuzzy logic and in auto mode will adapt to the mode of driver in changing gear. As I usaully change cars after 5years I hope Toyota do not change over to a CVT box for the 2014 model as I like the MMT.
  14. "I wonder how hard it would be to retrofit the CVT into an Aygo" I think it would be better to wait for the new Aygo next year as it will almost certainly go CTV which seems to be the way forward. Ran a MMT Corolla for 5 years and a MMT 107 for nearly four years without any problems. Although the 107 needed the ECU reset when the clutch became jerky. If there is no creep in 1,2 or reverse the box is not adjusted properly and becomes a pain. I moved the actuator against the clutch once and this improved the change for a while. Basically I like the MMT as it can be very good and fuel consumption excellent. If the CVT which now has electronic steps like gears is as economical I will change as the potential downside repair cost on MMT is out of proportion.
  15. I think a diagnostics would show nothing as the MMT ECU will not have detected a malfunction to the MMT box. The car has not started. If you are concerned and cannot wait to check that waggling the shift lever stops the shift indicator light flashing and the car can start then then I would ask Toyota to check the shift lever position sensor as I feel that is the problem which is indicated by the flashing light. Good luck!
  16. The gear indicator should not flash but show N reverse etc as you move the selector without the engine running. It woud seem that there is something wrong with the posiion sensor especially if you can start it sometimes by waggling the gear stick. Check to see that when it does start that the N is not flashing. It is not possible to push start a MMT box and the AA man should have known that. Looks like a visit to Toyota is called for.
  17. When properly adjusted the car should have creep in first, second. and reverse. If it does not have creep the clutch may not engage and the revs will build up and then the clutch engages with what can be a fierce *****. Gear changes in to first and second are also usually jerky. Resetting the gearbox ECU cures this problem and restores creep.
  18. "Electrics at fault " is no diagnosis at all. Proper diagnostics from the gearbox ECU should discolose what has failed. From the link above you will see just how complicated the box is. As posted above take to Toyota garage only. I think it extremely unlikely that the motors and ECU have all failed and £1,400 would seem to cover the lot.
  19. Definitely at a Toyota garage. MMT box needs set before and after a clutch job. You will get the larger clutch.
  20. Definitely a slipping clutch. You do not give mileage but if original small clutch that was fitted then it has lastest longer than most. The slipping clutch is not an MMT fault but if it overheated I believe you would get a warning. Best get it changesd soonest.
  21. Not checking the oil level in 5 months is not good. The engine only takes 3.5litres and if nothing showing on the dip stick and the oil pressure light coming on you have been driving with inadequate oil and will be lucky if you have not sustained damage to the engine. The camshaft chain can suffer and lead to premature failure. What quantity of oil did the garage have to add? Oil burnt through valve stem seals would produce blue smoke and would show by reving the engine. Check the oil regularly to ascertain current usage. Even trusted garages can slip up! There have been people with similar experience of running till oil pressure light came on and they have been lucky but regular checking oil level is a necessity.
  22. The larger clutch was introduced on the new 2009 models. You will have the smaller clutch.
  23. As it is cable it needs adjusted as the clutch wears. With a hydraulic clutch it is taken care of automatically. This link will show you what to do.