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  1. Just an update. After lubricating the mechanism/joint a few inches up from the lower splines with silicone it seems to have stopped clicking for a few weeks now
  2. Yea read that thread. Thanks to Flash I was able to secure it properly and its been fine ever since
  3. Thanks 🙂 Ever since getting a puncture a few weeks back I've been checking my tyres more regularly, sometimes a bit too often 🤣 I was driving around ( about a month go ) thinking, why am I having to accelerate constantly just to get up to speed on slow roads. I then checked my tyres, and one of them was 20psi !! Got it repaired and it's been fine since. I also got the tyres rotated whilst I was at it. I know about how temperature affects PSI too. For every 5 degree drop or increase, the pressure can fluctuate by 1psi. So I always check cold, in the morning, when out of sunlight. So even if you are a driving enthusiast like me, is it always best to run them at what Toyota say ? I was under the impression that over inflating the rears by 3psi might make the car roll nicer and feel more sporty 😁
  4. MK2 Yaris SR Tyres are 195/50r 16V I used to run 35 at the front and 32 at the back ( as per Toyotas advice ) , but recently tried 35 all round. Seems to roll better but obviously more bumpy, is this normal ? What PSI do you guys run your tyres ?
  5. Yeah good point. Weird how it only started recently.
  6. Yes, me again, with another Yaris question 😁 I noticed recently, when braking at low speeds, when I apply the brake lightly, I hear and feel a slight clicking sound ( only once ) Pads, discs and calipers are basically brand new, no problems braking etc either. It sounds to me that it's entirely inside the car and not outside at all. I fixed a clicky clutch pedal with some silicone lube, and quietened down a clicky steering wheel with some silicone. I was wondering if some lubrication on the areas I have attached in the picture could help ? Thanks 🙂
  7. MK2 Yaris 08 I managed to replace the driver side headlight the other day no problems, the passenger side however is close to impossible without taking the bumper off ( according to YouTube ) Do you guys have any tips, is it just best to take it to Toyota when it goes ? I know it's best to replace them in pairs as they tend to go about the same time. I'd assume by the winter it will probably be worn out so just asking in advance Thanks !
  8. Just a quick question for those of you more experienced than me. The Yaris MK2 seems to have a different style of slider pin, rather than a bolt style they are Allen key and have threads on the end rather than it just being smooth. Are many other cars like this ? Also. On the MK2 yaris, the sliders seem to screw into the caliper itself and not the mounting bracket, or am I wrong here ? Thanks ! Edit, I've attached a picture of what my caliper looks like... You see the two black boots on either side is that where the sliders go ?
  9. Got the sliders and calipers done a couple of weeks ago. No more noise, and the brakes feel much better. 😀
  10. Same thing happened on my 2008 Yaris. So i had to use a Bluetooth transmitter as my system cannot do audio over Bluetooth
  11. MK2 Yaris 08 Few months back I had the top mounts and coils done for the front. Since then I feel I have to turn more than I used to. Lets say for a parallel park I used to turn the wheel one turn to the left. I now have to turn about one and a quarter. Going round a 90 degree corner I used to turn about half a turn, now I have to turn a full turn. Today I had the tracking done, and it seems to have changed again, to the point where I have to turn even more. This is more noticeable at low speeds, at higher speeds ( 40 to 70 mph ) it is nice and responsive. Any ideas what could cause this ? I do occasionally get a clicking sound from the steering wheel ( This started well after the " lack of responsiveness" so probably not related ). I have heard is a common thing in Toyotas, mostly been alleviated by lubricating the middle part of the steering column. Said clicking sound is usually only when parking at low speeds, and seems to disappear if I occasionally adjust the wheel up and down a few times. The column itself looks tight, and has no play. I heard it could be the battery ( according to another forum ) but I doubt that as it started after having the top mounts/springs done.
  12. £30 ? Mine was nearly £200 for the year
  13. My 2008 has a similar thing...
  14. Does the Yaris MK2 have the rubber bushings/boots too, or not ? As I've looked on some car part places and most have just the slider pins/bolts but no bushing
  15. Prior to getting the column replaced on the first one, and prior to replacing half the column on the second one. I'd assume you tried lubricating the splines before-hand to no avail?
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