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  1. Does the Yaris MK2 have the rubber bushings/boots too, or not ? As I've looked on some car part places and most have just the slider pins/bolts but no bushing
  2. Prior to getting the column replaced on the first one, and prior to replacing half the column on the second one. I'd assume you tried lubricating the splines before-hand to no avail?
  3. OK Thanks. What I meant was, if the pins are rattling around, why would lubricating them stop it from rattling ? I'd assume using " brake cleaner " spray is a bad idea as it dries out lubricant from what I've heard. So basically one or two of my pins have some movement in them ? I only hear the noise on fast bumpy roads, and very rarely any other time. As said if it gets annoying I'll save up some money take it to a different mechanic and get them replaced. Should only be a cheap job.
  4. Silly question. How come lubricating helps a lot ? When it was lubricated just over a month ago, the noise pretty much disappeared.
  5. In future I will do. Don't appreciate being fobbed off like that when I've spent plenty at that mechanic. I did politely ask if they could replace the sliders and was told my car doesn't have sliders and that the rattle is a dashboard one when it's definitely from the brakes. Very odd.
  6. Any idea why adjusting the wheel back and forth a few times gets rid of it, then it comes back a couple of hours later ? I am not willing to pay for a new steering column as I'll hopefully get rid of the car end of the year and get something newer. It does seem to be getting a bit worse, unless I keep adjusting the steering wheel back and forth then it stops for a while. I don't think a mechanic would be willing to mess with a steering column and I'd probably have to go to Toyota right ?
  7. Fair enough. If it gets bad then I'll take it to another mechanic as I don't have the equipment at home. Thanks Edit: I know what you mean now, like this..
  8. Thanks for the info guys. You mean like this.. ?
  9. Took it down to the mechanic. He said from when he worked on the car last, my car doesn't even have slider pins. It has some allen key bolts ?
  10. I know where the splines are but no way would I attempt to remove the steering wheel in order to get rid of it. The only realistic thing I can do is move the wheel in and out before I go for a drive 🤣 Here are the parts I did manage to lubricate.. ( Picture not mine )
  11. Just an observation. If I move the position of the telescopic steering wheel ( inwards/outwards ) it goes silent for a while then returns. Strange one. Either way I'll leave it unless it gets worse then I'll ask the mechanic. For now though I don't want to spend any more money on the car, and not sure if a mechanic would even go to the effort of taking the steering wheel off to lubricate or check things. As @TonyHSD said and others, it's a common but annoying thing on Toyotas. Shame that, as otherwise the car is perfect.
  12. Noise disappeared for a few weeks then came back again. 🤔 Tried lubricating the lower splines in the pictures with Silicone and even thick grease which has helped somewhat. How do you get to the splines higher up ? As I recall Flash said something about removing the cowl but wouldn't be willing to do that. May have to just live with it I think.
  13. @Rhymes with Paris fully agree there. In reverse I used to get the crunch but generally it's fine now as I know how to engage it properly. At first it was a common thing.
  14. Fair enough. I'll leave it for now, if it does get worse I'll get the slider pins replaced
  15. Seems to have slowly returned albeit much less than before. Tends to do it on fast bumpy roads. Mechanic had a look 3 weeks back and assured me that nothing is loose and they couldn't hear the sound ( they did a quick test drive) He said all they can do is strip and clean the brakes which seemed to make the noise go. Don't think it's much to worry about as they'd have told me if anything needed doing ?
  16. Good idea. I better leave it then and accept it's wear and tear. I'm sure I'll get used to the biting point being a bit lower. Strange how it happened within the period of a day though
  17. Yes as I was advised, try silicone lubricant. Instantly got rid of the click
  18. Ever since I had the Yaris at 65,000 miles ( it's now done 73,000 ) it has had a very low biting point. Not really an issue after I got used to it. Done some reading on here and others have said too that the Yaris MK1 and MK2 have a very low biting point. When at lights stationary I really have to press the clutch down to keep it from stalling. On hills the biting point seems a bit higher. Maybe it's supposed to be like this ? Recently the biting point seems a bit lower, and the clutch pedal moves in and out more easily when pressed with my left foot ( less resistance ). There is a bit of movement if I wobble the pedal around. Driving about is no problem, no grinding, no problems getting into gear etc. Just wondering you guys thoughts on this? As I thought over time the biting point gets higher, not lower... I did recently lubricate this part of the clutch as it had developed a clicking noise every time I used the clutch, clicking noise is now gone, and the clutch feels more back to normal..
  19. Clutch click is sorted. Just needed some lubrication. It feels much more robust now too, before lubrication there was barely any resistance. After lubrication it feels more sturdier. Steering click is much better, still happens but less often
  20. Thanks for the useful info. I have lubricated the splines, seems a bit better now. In regards to this second picture... I'm certain that is the clutch and not the brake cylinder as when I press the clutch down it moves in, then when I release the clutch it comes back out In regards to the third picture. Can I use thick lithium grease on it ? As there's less chance of spraying too much and getting it in places it shouldn't
  21. I know what you mean by lower panel, no problem. By cowl do you mean this ? Also. Seem to have developed a clicking noise when using the clutch. Is it OK to lubricate this part here which I have circled in red ? Is this called the "clutch release fork pivot bolt" There is some movement left/right here where I have circled in white... Not sure if it's possible to tighten it.
  22. Thanks guys. I'll have a look tomorrow. I think the only part i can get to is the one I posted above ( right behind the pedals l Sounds as if the noise comes from directly behind the steering wheel, not lower down Not willing to take anything apart though as I'm not experienced in steering columns
  23. Yes. No movement at all. Should I try tightening the two silver bolts? I have spray grease, silicone spray and some thick grease. Any of those suitable to try lubricating?
  24. Is that this here? If you could circle exactly where that would be great. It does sound higher up thought and close to the steering wheel Seems worse if I lower the steering wheel
  25. Seems to be doing It a bit more regularly, but usually at low speeds when turning left... I'm not knowledgeable with steering columns etc. Should I just leave it or if it gets worse then see the mechanic? Don't want to spend much more on the car to be honest, if it's just a job of lubricating the splines then I could take it down there Had the car since 65000 miles and done about 7000 so far. The noise only started a few weeks back
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