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  1. Fairly sure the seat heating won’t come on if the seat is unoccupied: My last car (BMW X1) was like that, and the RAV4 definitely has sensors in the cushions, which is how the setting for the Climate Control to only serve the driver if alone works (Also the seat belt warnings).
  2. I got the Fitcamx from Amazon USA - not sure if they are reputable or not 😊.
  3. I’ve got the Fitcamx one. Not sure how the voltage is handled, there is a lump in the suppled wiring loom, but it’s wrapped in foam tape. It’s all plug & play.
  4. Vogit

    MyT app update

    Still on 4.8.0, but Christmas Tree and snowflakes have gone.
  5. But what about the mats? Sorry.
  6. I think it’s all good now. I tried deactivating and then reactivating connected services. Everything has gradually appeared over the course of a few hours. Much relieved! (No reply from Toyota, though).
  7. Yes, that’s what mine shows, and the multimedia system is linked. I’ve deleted the app & reinstalled, no joy. I’ve contacted Toyota app support, awaiting reply…
  8. Thanks! I’ve definitely got the snowflake version, but the behaviour hasn’t changed, and the website shows the correct car. I’ll try un- and re- installing the app.
  9. Hi, yes PHEV. Here's a screenshot:
  10. Don’t know what I’m missing, as I can’t get that button to show (Nor the charge percentage). Just get petrol percentage & range. I’ve got a charging schedule set up based on start time.
  11. Well Car is now at the dealership and I’ve got the VIN number, as it’s appeared on myT! Must say the tracking was a bit strange. Ordered 23/09, got email 28/10 saying car had left the factory (No in build stays in between), 17/11 MyT updated to “In transit UK, Derbyshire “(Must have been super fast ship) 23/11 salesman rang to say it had arrived. I’m not complaining, just wondering about the tracking …
  12. I was disappointed when ordering mine since the Premium pack on the HEV does include it.
  13. Ordered on 23rd September - Dynamic Premium in Silver Blade, no extras.
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