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  1. Yeah, I've had these bars on my FJ cruiser and then on the Forester. They do generate a bit of wind noise but I don't mind. Works perfectly with my Yakima roof carrier to carry my mountain bike , just put a piece of large cloth when mounting/taking off the carrier not to bash the pan roof
  2. I am averaging 56-57 mpg with city/highway mix with ACC on the 2.0
  3. Yes, mine are supplied by Toyota (talked the dealer into throwing them for free) and they have two little studs that go into those holes. Didn’t notice them at first because I wanted to slide them a little to the back but realized that wasn’t how they were designed and rightfully so because they stay dead in their place.
  4. Yeah was about to say this too. So confirming that 2.0 feels a bit more torquey when there’s a decent battery level
  5. Not yet. Need to start planning it. Doors on my FJ are sound insulated, it actually hurts when you knock on them and I do miss that super solid door feel with the corolla
  6. Wheel arches and doors will give the most sound insulation for sure. Doors however will be the most satisfying, not because it will reduce lots of noice, but because they will be very solid, sort of have that expensive BMW feel when you close it. Hard to explain but you'll know what I'm talking about if you do it
  7. Mine is my first brand new car too and feels great! With this purchase I ticked off few of my long outstanding automotive desires, brand new car and sun roof. Still need to make some dough to buy myself a V8 at some point, I think I’d be even ok with an unreliable piece of garbage but having that V8 soundtrack playing on the background is just something else. not bad, but weird thing about corolla is that my seating position is different now as opposed to the FJ cruiser. I’m a lot more forward compared to what I’m used to be in the FJ. FJ has a longer bonnet, so you sit further back in the car. Because of that in my tight parking lot, rear wheel arches get very close to the wall on the ramps, or maybe it is just the constant beeping. Overall I thought it would be a lot easier to park the corolla as opposed to a tank the FJ is, but then again I had it for over 10 years so perhaps I’m more used to its size
  8. probably even a bigger sensation when you’re followed by a car with matrix leds . Definitely something we aren’t used to, but with more cars on the road with matrix leds it would be pretty neat to have a lot more surface illuminated.
  9. I have HIDs on the FJ, with high beams signs do reflect in the same way. Having said that I’ll take shiny signs over a higher illumination of the road, especially when driving at higher speeds and spotting possible animals or even people way before one would with dipped lights. Also night driving becomes a lot more pleasing especially for more senior drivers.
  10. From what I gather i haven’t seen it go to high beam in the city, also seems that it needs a minimum speed of 50 km/h, so definitely not all the time. Not sure about people but, cars are “shadowed” oh also it does this cool dance of leds when you first turn on the car in the dark, maybe some sort of a system check but sure looks like an animation
  11. my update on auto high beam: love it! I've got the matrix led in mine. The only minor gripe, or more that I'm just not used to it, is that the road signs are all of a sudden very bright because they are treated with reflective coating. They don't blind me, just never had them shine so bright in the last 20 years of me driving, unless I switched to high beams.
  12. Oh yeah, it does look like two panes bonded together. Friend had a 7 series e38 back in late 90s... now that thing was borderline bulletproof, the glass was so thick, still doubling up on the glass probably has its benefits even with thin layers
  13. Wait Corolla steering wheel is covered in leather?! I personally thought that it is some weird plastic/rubber compound and actually absolutely hated it first couple of days. Thought of taking it to a shop to re-upholster into something a lot nicer than what it currently is. 40K isn't much, but it does sound like your steering wheel gets lot's of "traffic" with students and all, a special demographics that likes to hang on to steering wheel as if it is their lifeline and use it excessively. Gel/cream or not, it is something that gets a lot of friction and cannot stay brand new within the warranty period. But hey, if Toyota agrees to change it, then great.
  14. How does one distinguish acoustic glass from a regular one?
  15. perhaps, hopefully someone has already stolen a cat off the Corolla and didn't get paid enough for it and word got around, so even the thickest guy would know Prius - good, Corolla - not good. Interesting. Perhaps slapping a V6 badge, a tuner exhaust and maybe some obnoxious decals like "STRAIGHT PIPE NATION" would deflect their attention 😃
  16. I imagine thieves know exactly which car they are after and don't even pay attention to the license plate, hybrid badges etc. Even if you remove the hybrid badges, quick glance at the gearbox lever will reveal "B mode" which obviously was never on 1.2 turbo petrol Corollas.
  17. I've got 17" with mine which is a top trim in Spain. What's interesting is that they previously came with 18". Perhaps Toyota listened to you guys but only implemented this change in Spain. I'll be honest I really do like the look of 18", however if I do pull the trigger I will try finding some motorsport (ish) wheels that will be a lot lighted than OEMs and some good rubber and that hopefully won't affect the ride quality.
  18. Is that a team America throwback?:)
  19. Glad there’s no B mode on 2.0. I’ve been coasting down a very long hill today at 90 kph on cruise, pretty much the whole trip was in EV mode. After battery got fully charged, I could see ICE kick in, probably to slow the car down or at least to waste some energy not to overcharge the batteries.
  20. Sweet. I’d love to disconnect that and see if it throws any codes
  21. When were we ever happy with a pointless increase in pricing of anything? 🙂 But 30% of monetary difference (and that is the best case scenario) won't make much of a difference for me, since I drive about a 1,000km per month. That's like what, 10-15 euros? And as far as I know, a lot of hybrid owners do double of that mileage at most. of course I meant private use. If the vehicle is the source of the income then it is a completely different story...granted the driver knows how to operate said hybrid vehicle. Seen far too many taxi drivers thrash that 1.8 on Priuses.
  22. 1.8 is more than adequate for everyday use...but is adequate enough really? Always nice to have that extра bump in power my 2.0 average yesterday was 5.9 l/100 (48mpg). Did about 200km, and at some point was blasting down an empty highway way above the limit. otherwise all time average is 5.5 L/100 which is 51.3 UK MPG. When comparing 50 and 65 mpg the difference sounds big in numbers, but is it really going to break the bank?
  23. They get super creative with ergonomics too. Rented a Megane once. Cruise control On/off switch was by the gear selector, while rest of the controls (set, cancel, + and -) were on the steering wheel
  24. No Hella, PIAA or Bosch kits can ever beat this. I’m sure they are super illegal too 😀
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