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  1. Thanks guys, one of the big insurance companies was able to insure us for a good price.
  2. Hi @therealhyper, Would you mind mmentioning on here or direct message me the comparison website and the insurance company you are uusing. Going the the same process and finding it challenging. Any help appreciated. Thanks, J
  3. Thanks @Big_D , every day is a school day.
  4. Hi All, Does anyone know what parts need to be changed for a full service on a Toyota Estima Hybrid 2012? The car was imported and seems to be running fine but fuel consumption is terrible. On the console of the car, I think it shows 8.8KMh to the gallon. I want to check what a full service consists of, assuming it's the usual suspects: - engine oil - oil filter - fuel filter - air filter - gear box oil and filter Greatfull for your advise. Thanks, J
  5. Hi, Try calling Lockwood they might be able to do the conversion for you. https://lockwoodinternational.co.uk/product-category/dials/dial-fascias-mph-scale/dials-mph-scale-toyota/toyota-estima-mph-dials/ They sell the parts (Facia or chip), you can change just the facia or you can have the chip installed on to your vehicle and change the facia. I have read on another forum, accident repair centers can do the conversions. Good luck and let us know how it goes. J
  6. Thanks @Paulscarbs, we're you able to find the video link? Oddly enough I saw someone remove the speedometer facia on an Estima and it seemed easy enough. I missed the final bit when the new facia was placed into the cluster though. It seems like there was some adjustments made to the speedometer needle. Was that your experience or was it just a straight swap of the facia?
  7. Hi Guys, Can you recommend where I can get good OEM parts for a Toyota Estima Hybrid 2012. I tried to look for parts on Euro Car parts online but they don't have much just the basics like brake pads, engine oil and etc. Grateful for your assistance as always. Regards, J
  8. Hi All, Is there a global database or website where I can look up my Toyota Estima VIN number to see all the car specifications? Does the database include cars registered across the world or Just UK and Japan? Please let us know. Many thanks, J
  9. @Paulscarbs how did you do the speedo / dashboard? did you use the chip or swap the console out?
  10. Hi All, I am looking for someone to help with the following in UK south east area: - Change speedometer from Kmh to MPH. - Install rear fog lamp. - Install hallogen headlamps. Many thanks, J
  11. Hi All, Can someone please confirm the correct steps to register a 2012 Estima Hybrid AREAS with DVLA? Also is there a link to get the technical details of the Estima to fill in V55/5 and IVA ? I have no idea what the maximum engine power or speed in MPH or what the cars operating voltage. Greatful for any assistance here. Many thanks, James
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