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  1. Just thought I'd drop an update on this. It went in and of course the car decided to behave. Problem was more or less daily. After explaining the issue, the feeling was probably starter motor - so that was changed. Five days later and the issue hasn't reoccurred. So, touch wood, we may have found the culprit. Thanks for the advice all.
  2. Another update. A common theme seems to be - it won't start, won't crank - but after being left for a short time - 20 mins, a couple hours - it will fire up no issue. This is what happened today. Wouldn't start at lunchtime after being left overnight with either key. A couple hours later, it's starting no issue with either key. My own brain feels like something is releasing in the time to allow it to start?
  3. An update - neither key starts it now, so I think that may have been a red herring. I guess I'll ask someone to have a look at the starter motor. Thank you to all who have commented.
  4. Had the battery checked - nothing wrong, battery is good and the alternator is charging properly. So my thinking is it's either: - Immobiliser (although the car doesn't crank) - Clutch switch - Starter Solenoid Although what gets me is the fact that when it doesn't work, the other key seemingly 'fixes' the issue.
  5. Now that's interesting you mention that. When I put the battery back on after charging - I had the bonnet up and the door open - wouldn't start. Dropped the bonnet to close and slammed the door shut - it then started. However when I turned it off - it wouldn't restart. I had someone else try and turn it over with the bonnet open and I could hear *something* like a whirring noise engaging for a few seconds and then turning off. I then left it a few hours before trying the wife's keys and it started. Does this sound more like a solenoid issue?
  6. Thanks for this. So the car would crank if it was immobiliser? In this case it doesn't (when it's not working). I'm sure I did try this pushing the clutch down several times and it didn't solve it until the wife appeared with her key. I find it odd though that when I change car keys, it seemingly works??? What is it I need to spray where? Thanks
  7. Have something a bit odd going on with my 2008 Yaris. Wouldn't start, so we thought the battery had gone flat - it had been sat around for a few weeks. Recharged the battery, put it on and the car would not start. All the lights came on, but it wouldn't even turn over. Clutch fully down and no mat in the way. I got it to start once, but nothing after that. Wife came home and I tried her key - it started immediately. Tried my key - started immediately. So I changed the battery in my keyfob as it was definitely a little flat - taking 5 attempts to unlock the car. Wifes battery was changed about six months ago. No further probs until today. Wife drove the car to work no issue, but when she went to come home, won't start. I go out to it, put my keys in, starts immediately. She tries her keys and again, it's starting. What's going on? Feels like an immobilizer issue to me?
  8. Thanks for your reply :-) Okay so should I get a garage to check over the chain or should it be fine? I'll have a look for that jack. What I don't understand about the windows is that raising the switch at 'half' raises the window smoothly, it's just at full pulling the switch up, it doesn't work?? Is that switch fault?
  9. I've just bought a 2008 Yaris 1.3, 3 door, petrol with 98,500 miles on it. Partial service history. I've a few questions that hopefully someone would know.... The passenger window, works fine on the passenger side with switch. From the driver side, although it goes down fine, you can only get it to raise in the 'half' position on the switch, not pulling it all the way up...is that normal? Please don't laugh, but how the hell does the boot and parcel shelf all work? I can see flaps and velcro, the bit covering an empty chamber above the spare tyre seems to have bits that need to go somewhere? Jack seems to be missing, is there a particular one I should get? Lastly, does the Yaris have a chain cambelt? (I'd read that somewhere) Not sure if I should have someone look at it to make sure it's okay? Thanks for any help/advice!
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