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  1. Keeping it simple, I had a Gen 2 (2009 model) for 4 years as a company car, during which I put 80k+ miles on the clock, the majority of which were motorway miles. The car never missed a beat, at motorway speeds tyre noise was more intrusive than engine noise, the only time you became aware of the engine was if you pushed the throttle hard, ie to overtake. My daughter now has that car, and has put a further 30k miles on it and its still as solid as a rock. You want one, go for it, you won't regret it.
  2. Could it be the fan for the HV battery kicking in? I tend to hear mine more when its hot outside, sounds like a faint whine, and an air rushing noise as the air is sucked in through the vent in the rear door pillar.
  3. My wife has one of those Fiesta's, she averages about 38mpg, just pootling round town, when we go out for runs I can get it up to 45 ish, I'm quite impressed I must say......still love my Prius more though :)
  4. A review like that almost prompts me to pen an 'Angry of Tunbridge Wells' letter to the Times! hehe :)
  5. Its a great car, if you get one you won't regret it.
  6. Its an easy enough thing to remove, the 12v charger and Aux socked are under the armrest, which flips up, which is probably why you didn't notice them. It's a case or raising the arm, lifting the lining at the bottom, and removing 4 screws, the electrics unplug as I recall. possibly a bit fiddly but the dealer could probably do it in about 10 minutes. hope this helps
  7. Well, from memory, its only 4 screws to remove it, but the Aux connection point and a 12v charging socket are also in the centre console so if you remove it, there will be wires to be hidden. Also, as I recall, the carpet doesnt extend to under the console, so you will have bare metal in view. If I may ask, why would to want to remove it?
  8. A colleague of mine has had the A3 version for about 4 months and averages 46mpg, no idea about the elec side of it though as I'm not sure he understands it either. Unless we get a 32a charger installed here at the office, I don't think I'll bother and just keep my Prius!
  9. If it helps I used to have a car with discs all round and a drum actuated handbrake, it was a Vauxhall Cavalier I think, 1990 vintage as I recall. I may be mistaken with the the year as I had a couple of Cavaliers, but I def had one as I used to service it meself and had no end of fun with the brakes
  10. I got fat finger syndrome lol, had the same problem with an Epi EB0 I had, narrow string spacing confused my left hand, and also meant picking (not natural to me) was catching more than one string. Neither thing was an issue with my Fenders or now the Yamaha. Anyway back on topic, gonna present that info PeteB supplied to my local dealers and see what happens :)
  11. Thanks Pete Oh and thanks John....I don't have in now, the neck was too narrow for a 5 string, I have a Yamaha TRB5 now, just as gorgeous. I suppose I should update my Avatar lol
  12. My last fuel bar usually starts flashing after around 440 miles, brimming it never gets more than about 40 litres in a 45 litre tank so another 50-60 miles is in order, As others have stated though I've never put it to the test!
  13. I'm pretty sure my Hud doesn't distort that much, I'm still on my original screen.
  14. PeteB, I approached my local Toyota dealers about getting this done to my Gen III T3 and was told it couldn't be done, any chance of sharing who your dealer was, or any info I could pass back as I really miss the cruise control. Many Thanks
  15. Sounds like squeaky chickens to me that does!
  16. I have a 13 plate Gen 3 which I try to keep nice and tidy, and Derby is doable for me. No mods other than I took the wheel trims off!
  17. Just a thought, but surely locking/unlocking the car causes the hazards to flash as well, so could the operation of the central locking also send this rogue byte of data? Not really as tech minded as you guys seem to be, so pardon me if I'm talking rubbish! :)
  18. Got mine direct from Parts King, same colour, still cost me best part of 30 quid as I recall.
  19. Interesting, I sometimes get a whistling noise by my right ear and put it down to the hybrid battery vent by back seat drivers side door sucking in air to cool the battery. I believe there is a fan that cuts in under certain conditions. My Prius doesnt have DAB, but the antenna is a helically wound one, about 6 inches long.
  20. Just checked my Gen 3, the spacing between the fixings on the 2 outboard seats is defferent to the spacing across the middle seat, also, if a seat WERE fitted across the middle seat, it would obscure ALL the normal seatbelt fittings, so I guess the answer is no, its not possible. Sorry :(
  21. Nice colour, it was my 2nd choice if I couldn't get cabernet red :)
  22. Sheesh this place is full of pedants! To the OP, I've had 2 now, drive all over the country, on all types of roads, with all types of loads, its great. what else do you need to know?
  23. Lies as you say, I spend most of my time on A roads and moroways and average 60mpg easily. Still the best car I've had in 35 years of driving!
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