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  1. Thanks. Silly question perhaps, but what is Head Unit?
  2. Ah, that is interesting. What do I have to do to actually make the car read the Google maps. Just select google maps on the phone? (I thought I had tried this but maybe not).
  3. Thanks. The phone was connected to USB port in the open tray just beneath the satnav screen. The system appeared to communicate with/via the phone but had this anomaly with google maps as described. I am at a loss I am afraid. Note that somewhere it says phone should be Android vers 6.1 or above and mine is 7.1, so this shpould be OK.
  4. Thanks Graham. I tried this but simply got a message saying that I had no purchases! I tried it again just now, thinking perhaps that it might have taken time to get through the system, but got the same useless result. TootaMapInvoice.pdf
  5. I have now established that the Android Auto IS installed and I have switched it on. I want to use Google maps on my in-car screen at least until I sort out my difficulties with updating the existing satnav map.. I have found the list of apps available for my Android Auto with tick boxes to select the ones I want. Google Maps is listed but has no tick box and I am unable to select this. (Google maps is installed on my phone). Can anyone help please?
  6. After a lot of trouble, and having had to get advice/clarification twice from My Toyoa customer service, I have managed to register my satnav, and "purchased" for free my update. I even have a (£0) receipt to prove it. However I cannot see how to actually get the download onto my desk top computer and into my usb stick. Can anyone help me on this last step please?
  7. Thanks.l do. I didn't mention that, in trying to sort the My Toyota problem I had contacted them via the on-line chat. It was here that I was (a) advised to re-register my car as a second vehicle (this failed as the system rejected me as I had already registered it) and (b) told I was not entitled to a free satnav map upgrade. I am a little wary of the system now!
  8. Thanks. I'm having some problems with My Toyota. I registered as owner but did not do the "configuration code" bit. When I have sorted this I hope to be able to proceed.
  9. There appears be no Android Auto installed on my 2019 RAV4. Can I get it fitted? If not is there a way to get google maps, running on my phone, to route to my car satnav display. The words Miracast and MirrorLink come to mind but I don't know if my phone supports them. Thanks
  10. My RAV4 was first registered in 2019 and used by dealer as a demonstration vehicle. I purchased it from them a few months ago. The dealer is being evasive about satnav map updates. Am I entitled to a free update as it is in the first 3 years?
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