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  1. Nothing special about them, I am afraid :/. They are rubber and look quite standard, I ordered Blue Print but Autodoc decided to send these instead. Luckily, it was the only change they made. I don't really know much about Stark at all besides that it is a German company and also pretty new. At least they give you 36 months of warranty. I did not go for poliuretane in this car because it is more expensive to buy. Since I don't plan to keep it much more than a year I thought that just replacing the worn parts with new ones, plus the new suspension, would be enough :).
  2. Hammerite... Jesus, I wanted to say Bilt Hamber, Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 😐
  3. So, an update to the story :). I took the car to the garage a couple of weeks ago and we were checking it for one hour. We inspected the body with the car in the elevator and we just found some surface rust. The guy was actually quite impressed regarding the condition of the car, apparently these Yaris tend to get very rusty in the back area. Then we checked the steering and suspension and we found that the problem was in the front left strut, that is gone. The previous owner hit something and screwed it real bad. Besides this there is nothing particularly wrong, except the normal wear and tear. So I decided to proceed with the original plan and I ordered quite a few bits plus the Koni STR.T kit. I did not go for original parts, as expected, but when possible I sticked to decent brands (being the exception those Stark drop links, that come from a not very well known German brand). I got the front arms, bushes (just regular bushes, the others were on the expensive side), drop links, strut mounts, spring supports, etc. I also decided to do the brakes but, at the end, in a cheap way, just installing normal new Ferodo pads plus discs and replacing brake fluid. Finally I thought it would be good to put some decent fully synthetic oil on the little guy too. Once the stuff from Koni and a couple of bushes that are missing arrive I will be installing everything and cleaning the underbody with a wire brush. Then, my plan is to jack the car at home in the garage during holidays and apply the rust treatment (I went for Lanoguard and Hammerite). I will also probably strip it and inject silicone lubricant and grease everywhere I can. Let's see how it behaves once everything is installed. I would like to join the C1 Racing Club or the CitiCar Cup (cheapest way to go back to racing) and the Yaris should give me a taste of how those cars feel. Also, I found that in UK I need a new racing license to join any cup so yeah, it will be my very very humble practice car until then :).
  4. Thanks! Seems a bit too much of a risk go to and pick them even if they are so cheap. I think I will let them go! 🙂
  5. They come from a Peugeot, apparently, but no idea of the model :). They are 4x100, so besides the offset I think the rest is OKIsh. It is a big offset difference, though 😕.
  6. I don't think they truly are NOS, just in good condition, to be honest 😀 They probably were mounted for a while in a small car and the owner got alloys as soon as he could.
  7. Hello! I found a set of new old stock steelies for real cheap and I was wondering if they would fit my Yaris MK1. The ET is different, we go from 45 to 34, but I think there is enough clearance. I would like to be sure, though, I quite like them because if they fitted they could even help a bit with stability :). The specs of the steelies I am looking at are: 14" 5.5J ET34. Cheers!
  8. I think that 13" are probably a bit on the small size even for this car, but much bigger than 14-"15" would probably drag it as well 🤔 I also agree that people lately got crazy getting bigger and bigger alloys. In a regular car, and also in a rally one, 16" is usually enough and the best compromise... there are exceptions, though, but in most cases it is for aesthetic purposes.
  9. Hahaha, it never crossed my mind that those plastics could be even official! 😆 Yeah, I am not going to remove them, too lazy for that :D.
  10. Yep, it is all luxurious. Not only it has 14" steelies but also some glorious hubcaps that say RS-T. It is also wrapped in plastic, the previous lady owner was probably scared to scratch it and she put plastic sheets everywhere. I did not remove anything 😛 If I install the Konis and the bigger brakes it will be perfect 💩
  11. The 1.0 is 14x5.5J ET45... if the spare of the T Sport is 14x4T the discs should fit then 🤔
  12. Very useful info there :). Those discs are 255mm, sadly I don't think I would be able to fit them with the 14" steel wheels I have 😕
  13. Thank so much to both! 🙂 I will have a look and see what I find! They are still single piston calipers, I wonder if they will perform very differently or the better brakes in the T Sport are mostly due to the presence of discs in the rear wheels. On a separate note, it is crazy that the same car has different essential parts depending on where it was made! even the air filters are different between Jap and French models in the 1.0 😬
  14. Hello! I found a couple of Yaris T Sport calipers for cheap and since this Christmas I was planning to take the car apart I was wondering if these would be compatible with the ones I have currently installed (the car is a Yaris MK1 with the 1.0 engine). If this was possible I could get them, do some reconditioning an replace the current ones with these. I have to do the brakes anyway and this could be a good chance. I am aware that the discs are a bit bigger, so one additional concern would be to fit them inside my 14" steel wheels 🙂. Cheers!
  15. Hello! I hope you are great 🙂 My question is exactly the one in the title, I would like to find a place with jet wash near Oxford city. I used to go to the BP in Littlemore but it is closed nowadays. I will take the car for some inspection next Friday and I would like to be able to clean the underbody in a proper way. Thanks!
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