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  1. Okay thanks paulcarbs also, i will be enquiring about the oil procedure too
  2. That's perfect thanks ill just change them so to be sure
  3. Hi All, been a while, just curious about service on my Estima, i have 125000KM on the clock and its 2012.. i believe the iridium sparkplugs are long life span so are they due a change by now ? Are you better of changing them every service anyway ? Any advice welcome with thanks
  4. Thanks appreciate It, ill lower them all to 36PSI so
  5. Hi folks so this is what manual says but ive no idea what that is in PSI
  6. Thanks guys, ill check sticker on door or glovebox if not there ill google lens translate the manual and see if in it
  7. Hi All, im not sure so would rather get some expert advice in here regarding tyre pressure for my estima, the wall tyre says 50PSI, they were at only 38 so i increased it to 42PSI all round, is this okay or should i have them at 50PSI please ? It just seems so high, photos wont upload, server error
  8. I concur with every single word you guys have said, its luxury at an affordable price cant be matched, i am thrilled with it and have no plans to sell it for years, I concur with those replies..They are pure luxury and plan i on keeping it for years the family love it as do i, i would still take it over your SUVs flooding the market, ut ticks all the relevant boxes i bought it for,im a huge fan of space and comfort so say no more, European built Toyota's are no match for their country of origin manufacturers the great Japanese with denzo parts and superior reliability.
  9. Thanks Beaufighter will try this week
  10. That's some mpg i knew prius were extremely fuel efficient but not that good, but estimas are so much more heavy so that's enough said really, i got in October so maybe summer weather might be able to pick up couple more mpg hopefully
  11. I agree with everything you say, they are a big oul bus in fairness but given what i know now im still glad i bought it there fantastic, but yes the jury is still out for hybrids indeed, thanks for your info appreciate it
  12. Hi, no its hybrid for sure just sometimes fuel consumption wise it doesnt feel like it at all, i thought they would be more fuel efficient, although they weight approx 1.7Tons with no load onboard so that's a factor too
  13. Hi, i have a 2012 estima exactly same as yours as its 2.4L and i find it hard to convince me its a proper hybrid, love the car it ticks all the boxes as i have 3 kids, but im not totally convinced it's efficient on fuel either, i drive 22km to work on motorway and same back, then little driving the weekend locally, i put about €35-40 petrol a week so not cheap but reliability is where u save as far as i can envision, lets remember the price of fuel has rocketed too sadly, hope this helps
  14. Hi All, want some advice before applying to fuel tank, i used liqui moly injector cleaner ( diesel one ) on my old cc Passat and it made huge difference on smooth engine idle, so want to try the petrol injector cleaner one on my 2012 estima engine as a pre maintenance move as im a big fan of preventing issues with deposits on engines and microscope wear... Any advice on this please before i go ahead ? Thanks guys
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