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  1. Folks, I took out the 3 year servicing plan when I bought my RAV new back in March. The handbook says that 0W16 should be used but there seems to be a lack of supply within the UK and dealers are using 0W20 which can be used but must be replaced by 0W16 at the next service. My question is if this cannot be acheived due to availability where do Toyota customers stand with their warranty, given the fact that we have the Relax Warranty system?
  2. I had the premium pack installed on my 2022 Excel, I'm still getting used to the JBL system and it does seem better with some use. However I'm not sure its worth the extra cost though, I was just expecting a little more of a premeium sound to be honest.
  3. My choice and thats it
  4. Just something I wanted to provide more protection
  5. I had mine ceramic coated before I took delivery to try and help in this sort of situation, not sure if will help but at least its another layer of protection.
  6. Mines going in on Friday morning for the update, hope the coffee has improved at the dealership 🤣
  7. Just a thought after reading this thread. Would it not be better to have a meeting with all the parties you have dealt with and explain your feelings and how they have left you feeling let down. It will also give the opportunity for you to set some ground rules on you expectations from any future business with the I.e. servicing. A meeting such as this can be very powerful to the customer however it has to be constructive by the use of facts and done with skill, care and above all the ability to stand your ground to ensure they know where they stand in the future. I did this with a dealer a few years ago and after they were very honest and reliable, that particular case ended up with one bad apple (who was sacked) having a significant effect on their reputation.
  8. Any investigation won't be based purely on pressures alone however as with all evidence it can be used to strengthen or weaken a case, the latter being used by the defence under the rules of disclosure
  9. I understand but you and I don't investigate accidents or enforcement traffic law, but as I said the man who did for 3 counties up until March this year is one of my best mates and I have no reason not to believe him. Like I said I have witnessed it in the last 30 years with my own eyes. Of course discrepancies between gauges will be taken into account but going anything over 3psi could land you in bother.
  10. Just bear this in mind when changing tyre pressures from those the manufacturer reccommends. If you have a serious accident the first thing the police do is check your tyre pressues as part of the evidence gathering process as to how the accident happened and any potential prosecution case. How do I know this? I spent 30 years in the Fire Service and have seen it more times than i care to mention and the second reason, one of my best mates has just retired after 30 years in the Police and has spent the last 20 as a traffic cop, he was also the SIO (senior investigating officer) and coeverd 3 counties for serious and fatal accident investigation. His simple message "stick to what the manufacturer reccomends and not what you think you know, or you could very well end up in the dock"
  11. Great video and excellent results for the engine in our RAVs. I am curious though as to how the lubrication system works in the Hybrid and PHEV models. When changing over from battery drive to engine assistance and or drive it starts and is immediatey running at load. How does this affect wear rates? I have looked and cannot find alot regarding how the lubrication system works in our engines, also the RAV in the video appeared to be a non hybrid model that is sold in the US and Canada.
  12. I would go back to the dealer and let them sort it
  13. Very interesting, I never looked at the Hyundai but did test drive a CRV which I didn't like. I felt it was noisier and not as responsive as the RAV, I also found it uncomfortable so I chose the RAV.
  14. Does this mean my wife will move faster when doing the house work now she has lost a couple of stone 🤔 🤣🤣
  15. Its designed to reduce drag and improve efficiency
  16. That's my spec in my Excel in blade silver, love it but no way I would sell. Good luck with your search
  17. It's rather odd when dealers won't allow you to purchase a spare wheel giving emissions as the excuse, does that mean you have to leave your luggage at home when you go on holiday as the weight will impact the emissions? I managed to get hold of a spare wheel and bought a jack and brace and placed them in my Excel, it has the Premium Pack and only came with a can of sealant and compressor which are useless in the middle of nowhere with a blow out and ruined tyre.
  18. Adrian, I have put a space saver in mine with jack etc and all fits fine.
  19. Until Toyota officially release information all the rest is just speculation, YouTube is full of rubbish that people post!!!!!! The current RAV4 is too early in its life to have a full refresh with a new model, it may happen in the next couple of years or so who knows. Facts are facts, speculation is just baseless unfound information.
  20. That's not great Adrian, good choice on the Contis
  21. This week I fitted a Thinkware F200 Pro front and rear cam. Fitting was straightforward and nice to know that I have parking protection that is time lapsed and will record prior to and after any event.
  22. Snap I collected mine from them yesterday, as you say great service
  23. Which dealer did you buy it from?
  24. That's the pan roof, its only silver at the very end near to the rear hatch. The wheels are slightly different from 2021 in the fact that they are gunsmoked (best way I can describe) rather than just silver
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