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  1. Thanks for the info! It's clear, the fuel pump is tired, I need to change it. Any recommendations what to buy?
  2. What's the nominal fuel pump pressure? I've checked with my tester and it reports at idle 7 mpa (I assume megapascals) and is increasing under load to 13-14 mpa
  3. Hi Guys, Since I've got this car, I've noticed that it's slow to accelerate. Both at idle and under load. What I did so far: I've changed the oil 3 times, I've changed one O2 sensor that was malfunctioning, I've changed the spark plugs with the correct ones (Denso), I've used 98 octane fuel, I've changed the air filter. I've also installed a set of OZ lightweight wheels and a strut bar :P. (the handling is WAY better now than stock, the strut bar definitely improved the car) All of the above brought minor improvements, I mean, I can feel slight differences then when I've bought the car, but I'm not pleased. Still feels slow to accelerate and I still have a minor glitch between 2000 rpm and 3000 rpm when the engine is warming up (not when cold, not when hot). So... any advice? Could be the fuel pump on its way to the grave? Thanks!
  4. Alright! The codes have not come back. Idk what happened. Meanwhile I've changed the oil again and the car drives nice and all is good. I think we can close this topic. Thanks everybody!
  5. Ok, so after a bit of more reading, it seems C1201 is generated because of C1241 which is the actual problem. C1241 states: Low Battery Positive Voltage or Abnormally High Battery Positive Voltage? But why it turned on while driving? And does this means the battery is faulty? Or the alternator? Or some corroded connection? Or something worse?
  6. Alright, new info: the vsc/trc off were related to one of the two following codes (been a long trip to find them :D) : C1201 & C1241 However, I have no clue what they mean and what shall I do.
  7. Try https://www.japan-parts.eu/ and fill in your vin, then check the diagrams.
  8. Still OK. Meanwhile, I've changed the brake fluid.
  9. After clearing the codes and driving for a week, the codes are not back. Leta see next week.
  10. So... any ideas what to do next? Shall I start replacing all O2 sensors (I've just replaced one of them last month) and also replace the crank and knock sensor? If yes... someone can guide me what brand and model shall I buy? Regards!
  11. Hi Guys, My Toyota saga continues: today, after I've started the car, I've got a lot of error codes: Check the attached picture 😄 Then, I've plugged my codes reader and what I got is this: P0016 Powertrain (Crank-Cam position correlation) P0156 Powertrain (O2 sensor circuit malfunction Bank 2 sensor 2) but nothing related to TRC OFF and VSC... just the lights in dash. Then, I have cleared the error codes and did not come back... however, the trip was short, 15mins city driving. And after i stopped the engine and started it again, the TRC OFF and VSC did not come back. What shall I do now? L.E. The engine is 1AZ-FSE (2.0)
  12. So... did you try to measure the sensor with an ohmmeter?
  13. Indeed, you're right! Is running great now, really. No more hesitation, is picking up nicely on full gas, even in high gear and hard acceleration and low rpms and pulling strong. If I may, I would like to ask something else: I want to replace the two crankcase breather hoses, but I don't seem to find them online. Is this a Toyota only option? I have to go to the dealer? Not that I mind, just wanted to check. Anyway, thanks so much for your help. I think we can consider the problem fixed!
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