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  1. The RAV4 of 2019-2020 had a similar problem and a remedy action took place, regardless of it being characterized as a non safety issue. A recall may be a stict word to describe it but in my eyes if I have to go to get something fixed is somewhat as a recall even if it's minor it requires time and to drive at the dealership. In any case we shall see. I will let you know if and when I have any updates on the matter and on Toyota's stance.
  2. There have been recalls in the past for similar reasons and I believe in Toyota's quality so I hope they will fix it, but at the end of the day perhaps I am too optimistic as you say. Your toyota is a rocket :-P. They can't reprint the manual since the models of 2019 and 2020 don't have this problem, the problem started in 2021. It would be almost comical on their part to take such action.
  3. Hello all, as TonyHSD writes filling the tank is totally safe and even driving with low fuel nowadays is not an issue but those things have nothing to do with the issue I described... Also I did not write anything about filling the tank after it's been full, when I refer to full tank I refer to the point where the pump pops out cause of the floater. Dear Catlover this is quite simple. I payed for a brand new car with specific specs. Why should I settle down with something that malfunctioning? Of course the issue I am having it is not critical and it is not a major problem but I do not see any reason that it should not be addressed by Toyota. Also imagine my anxiety when I took a brand new car and I found out this issue without knowing what was going on and if this will lead to any problems. Of course now I think that it will not lead to any problems but at the same time no one can promise me that. Well in my case the reserve light (warning low fuel) comes up at 13.9 liters :-P! I don't do a lot of km each day but until it get fixed I will have to manually calculate that I have like ~100 more km to do until I am truly in reserve (7.5 liters). Dear RzrAzr, this is now how it works in any modern car (even old cars). You can look it up. This is not what causing the issue. Probably my issue is caused by a misplaced sensor.
  4. Hello all, I bring a big update on the Toyota Corolla 2021 HB fuel tank capacity problem I am facing. First I checked the manual. According to the manual (Page 656) when the Low fuel level warning light turns on it indicates that the remaining fuel is appromixametly 7.5 Liters or less! So when the low fuel indicator turned on I emptied the fuel tank and found out that there are about ~13.9 liters inside instead of 7.5 or less! Then I filled the fuel tank and took 50 Liters to be full, as it was supposed. It is clear that something is wrong... perhaps a misplaced sensor? With this detailed new info I contacted the Toyota agency from where I bought the car to share my findings. They used to kindly dismiss me and tell me that this is normal, but it seems few days ago they received a similar complaint from someone that have just bought the same car, so I felt like they took me somewhat more seriously. The next step is to send them the info and they should forward it to the central agency and eventually when many similar issues arise it should reach the headquarters of Toyota and eventually lead in a recall... but I believe it will take months.
  5. Probably you have a better edition with digital display while I have the analog display of the Live edition. I have the basic edition with some extras.
  6. 37.8 liters was the quantity I put in the car and paid for to go to max. Yes that's what I am planning to do next week, I will empty the fuel tank while the range is close to 0km (as in the picture) to find the quantity that there is inside, my suspicions are that is going to be near 12 ltr... I will let you know as soon as I have done that. I am not worried, since I am a lot satisfied with the car and this is not something that affects the driving experience but of course it is a new car and I want to get it fixed (if there is an issue and I am not hunting ghosts).
  7. Yes what TonyHSD done should be avoided but sometimes maybe you don't have other choise... probably you won't have any problems because the acuraccy is indeed off for 2 or 3 liters. About my issue, I am attaching an image just to see what I am talking about. From the displayed range of 11km I went to full and got a range of 548km with about 37.8 ltr. This is repeatable, I have tried it more than 4 times. The range of 548km until empty is indeed true, but of course my driving style and the roads I am travelling on are the same so my consumption has not significant variations. Anyway I will come back after reading the manual and after trying to empty the fuel tank in a container to see just how many liters are in there when the fuel gauge is at empty.
  8. The accuracy and calculations are spot on, I would say that you can trust the accuracy.
  9. If we assume my car is full on gas (38Liters) and with a consumption of about ~7.1 liter/100km I have a range of about 540km (I have this in pictures), and indeed after 540km my fuel gauge is at Empty and the calculated and displayed range is close to 0km.
  10. Yes that's the problem, I fill with 38 Liters from empty (light on and range ~10km) and I have a calculated range and MPG figures that matches those 38 liters... anyway I wil come back after studying the manual. These 140-150km are displayed as avaliable fuel? In my case it feels that if I drop under 38 liters the car will run ~140-150km with the range at 0km and the fuel gauge at Empty.
  11. Hello Swanthecat, so you have the non-hybrid version as well. Mine fuel gauge is at full and it goes down at an expected rate. From your experience when you are at range near to 0km (empty), how many liters can you put until the fuel gauge shows full?
  12. Thank you, I will study the manual and will post my findings. To be honest I have already studied the manual but I was not patient and I gave up before finding anything useful, because I though that this issue can not be normal... I switched to this car from a VW golf mk6 and there things were straightforward about the capacities. So the fuel tank capacity in specs is always reserve tank included? P.S. Thank you for your posts so far, you all have been extremely kind and helpful!
  13. Hello Roy124, if it is not trouble for you could you share the link or thread title? You mean that the capacity of the 50 ltr is with the reserve included? Even in that case, if reserve tank is 7 ltr and is included, I fall about 5 ltr short.
  14. Hello and thanks for your reply, I knew that the hybrid option is more popular but I did not know that UK's market is hybrid only. Yes the particular model, the non-hybrid, has a 50 ltr tank while the hybrid has 42 Ltr as you wrote. Could you please tell me in your case from empty (range ~0km), how many liters you need to go at full? I have read about the toyota RAV4 issue that took place not so long ago, I told them about it but they just dismissed it. However, it is sad that even in RAV incident the recall got issued after a long time...... I can try what you suggest but the fuel gauge shows Full. The fuel gauge and the consumption meter and range seems to work fine (there is a match between consumption and what I pay in gas), the problem is that the fuel tank seems not to be 50 liters or that the minimum sensor of the fuel tank (if such a thing exists) does not work correctly, at least this is how it feels. I will leave the post here because I am hoping that maybe a non-Uk user can provide me with any insights. I will also try on other toyota forums, I can't be the only one facing this.
  15. Hello all, I am writing this post because I am a little frustated and I want to hear the opinions of other people that have the same car. In July of 2021 I bought a brand new Manual transmission hatchback toyota corolla 1200cc. This car according to the specifications has a fuel tank capacity of 50 L, however I have tried to fill the gas tank when my range was close to ~10km until empty and it got like 38 liters. The gas consumption and the meters check out so there is not problem there, is like the tank capacity is less than 50 L or some sensor that shows the low level is malfunctioning or is misplaced, which I beleve is the case... I say this because on day 1 that I got the car I put more than 40 liters and I was not near full and the consumption I had with the liters I put did not check out, it was like some liters of fuel dissapeared, like the "minimum" of the fuel tank starts at ~10 Liters. I feel like the car will keep going for more than 150km after 0 range but I have not tried it that for many practical reasons. I contacted the dealership and I went to have them check the car, since they do not get any errors from the computer all they did was a reset and of course this did not change the problem. They even try to convice me that this is normal... I ended up saying that I will go there while the range is close to 0 and by my self empty the fuel tank just to prove them that ~12 liters of gas is not normal and has nothing to do with the reserve tank, or if the car is indead empty then I will prove that the gar takes less than 40 liters when in fact is empty. If you face a similar problem or have heard of such a problem on the 2021 toyota corolla please let me know. So far I haven't find any useful explanations on the internet about the specific problem on the specific car. Of course if I am wrong and this is normal please let me know but I really can't get how this could be described as normal according to the car's specs. Thank you!
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