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  1. I would imagine all the starter motors have similiar concept, the only difference is the accessibility in the engine bay. I've found this link https://japancars.ru/ on this forum, just type your VIN or find the right spec car in the list and it will show you all the parts used on your car incl. exploded drawing which I found reakky helpfull. Attached is the picture of my starter. I wasn't planning to change the selinoid just yet but will keep that in mind, maybe will do it next year in summer. I saw you can get a repair kit just for £5 on ebay. This is the link to the brush assy: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274454910864 So I can't find where I can buy the rubber drain tube so will have to glue it in.
  2. Update: Fitted new brushes today. Fully cleaned the gears and re-applied the grease. Unfortunately snapped plastic clip for the rubber air vent. Will have to glue it in or find another clip.
  3. I was a bit concerned about the lower band of the range. I am going to France/Germany/Austria in winter with temperatures up to -20C. But after reading info online I agree with you it doesn't really matter since this is just a starter motor. I didn't contact him as he needed the sticker number from the actual starter motor. But by the time I took it out I've watched enough youtube videos to know what to do and what to look out for when taking the starter motor apart. haha I've ordered nerw brushed for about £18 on ebay
  4. Update: I've removed the starter motor, took it apart and found it was full of metal shavings from the used brushes. I've cleaned it all off, sanded all electrical contact points and applied new grease on the gears and shaft. It works fine for now, starts a bit better too, but I am still planning to buy new brushes on ebay and get them replaced. Question. For now I've used Multipurpose grease from company COMMA witch datasheet states the Operating Temperature Range is -10 °C to +120°C which is not ideal for a starter motor. Can someone recommend a good grease I could apply here?
  5. 1. It could be the seat back rest, try adjusting the back and fort. 2. It is possibly the starter, starter relais or ignition as suggested above. I would recommend starting with the starter itself. Next time it doesn't start, just tap the starter motor (in front of the enine) with a small hammer. If it starts after that then it's confirmed.
  6. Yes I will do in a couple of months. But as a short term I was going to fill it up with the one I found on ebay.
  7. My car has still the original coolant from the factory. I am thinking to use this one to top up since mine is just above the low level: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234630068879 Question is, do I need to add anti-freeze to this coolant?
  8. So this guy needs a part number of the starter. I tried to take it out today but couldn't get to the upper bolt which is hidden. Is it any good advice how to get to yet? I had to take cooling vent off to gain access.
  9. Thank you very much for his contact details, I will be contacring him tonight!
  10. I've lost my mirror recently, exactly like on your picture. I've got a good used one on ebay for £30 with all the functions: heating, electric adjustment etc. It was 5 min to replace it.
  11. Hello all, A few days ago my Avensis (T25, 1.8, 2005) didn't start in the morning pretty much the first time ever in 6.5 years I had it. After some investigation I found out it was the starer motor. Now is the big question: Do I try to repait the starter motor or do I get the wallet out and get a new part? In terms of reworking the starter, I saw some videos on YouTube and seems like all I have to do is to replace Starter brush holder? Do you think it is as simple as that or I am being naive here? If it comes to a replacement of the whole thing, which brand should I go for? Original denso starters are like £200+ which is quite expensive for an old car for me. Are there any good aftermarket alternatives which can be recomended? It seems like all starters come with different kW and quantity of theeths as well... Which one is the right one? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Seb
  12. Hi, I'am glad this is not just me with this problem. I've just collected my Avensis from annual service and was going to confirm the oil was changed and correct amount filled in as stated in the paperwork. And... I couldn't read it... It almoust looked like if they had filled too much oil as the oil smear reached about 10mm over the max mark. But the paperwork states they filled 3.7l of oil.. I will check it again tomorrow morning.
  13. Yes I'm planning to replace the other cracked one and buy another one as a spare, just keeping my eye on eBay to get a good deal. Thanks for an advice.
  14. Quick update: Changed all spark plugs and two out of three cracked ignition coils and the car runs better than before. VSC and TRC lights went off too.
  15. Hi all, I'm new here. Since yesterday mornig my Avensis t25 1.8l 2005 came up with following symptoms: TRC, VSC and engine check on the panel The car sounds like a diesel engine (misfire?) and there is a smell of petrol in the engine bay Later my mate came around to read out the error messages, as follows: P0303 - issue 3rd cylinder C0371 - yaw rate sensor C1201 - engine control malfunction C1231 - low battery positive voltage After reading this forum and other sources online I understand the issue is with the ignition coil pack which causes misfire and smell of petrol? But would it lead to the TRC and VSC lights coming up on the panel? Or do I need to get a new yaw rate sensor too to fix that? Today I had quick look on the ignition coils I've got currently fitted to find out the part number. So I've removed one and it had a massive crack in it! So I've removed all of them to double check and 3 out of 4 had cracks and only the last one was OK (but fixing was actually loose). Also third coil (counting from the left side of the engine when facing it) had a bit of oil around it and around the spark plug itself. Any idea what would have caused these cracks? Please see pictures below. I've ordered new spark plugs and 2 used original toyota ignition coils and will fit them on the weekend.
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