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  1. When you say you checked messages, was this on the car display, or in the MyT app? I had a couple of warnings in the notification area of the MyT app that occurred during the PDI but had cleared in the car. They appear to stay in the app until read and deleted so, if you haven't already, might be worth checking there? Not had any similar warnings so don't know if this will be the case or not.
  2. Not on any current RAV model afaik. There are a few Apple CarPlay adapters around but AA is limited. There a a few Kickstarter options but the mainstream one is the Motorola MA10. Very limited availability in the USA and not available in the UK currently so it might be a case of using a cable for now and waiting.
  3. According to the digital manual, there are two similar messages but not exactly as per the title. There's Hybrid System Malfunction, which is normally accompanied by another message, or Hybrid System Stopped. Can you recall if it was either one of these or definitely mentioned the drivetrain? Rather unhelpfully, all it says is for Malfunction, contact the dealer straight away, for Stopped, you may have run out of fuel, refuel the vehicle! There was another post about the Hybrid Malfunction message back around January. Can't remember who it was but I seem to remember it happened to them on the outside lane of the motorway.
  4. I'm at 3.6m/kWh but reset it occasionally so it's currently an average of warmer weather. It was 2.8m/kWh at times over the winter, so probably similar to others over the long term.
  5. Welcome. Are you referring to the inbuilt Sat Nav or via CarPlay/Android Auto? I've only use the inbuilt system a few times but I'm sure the radio volume dips then. With CP/AA I've newer found a way to get it to do that, although I did find the rather unintuitive way to increase the volume of the directions.
  6. nlee

    MyT app update

    All my trips from Monday appeared this morning and one more from Tuesday (the last one). Just waiting for the others. As these delayed trips are in the middle of other that have appeared, it suggests to me it nothing to do with the car or phone signal but more likely in Toyota's backend systems. As an aside, I thought I'd check again this afternoon and I'm getting the almost monthly "we can't log you in" situation again!
  7. I was fortunate when I got mine, only a 6 weeks wait but the OH is playing the waiting game for a Yaris at the moment, and despite understanding the reasons, I'd still be pulling out the little hair I have left if it was me. The real issue with all the uncertainty on delivery times will be timing new orders to coincide with the end of lease and PCP terms, with the potential for excess mileage charges and having to find capital for large final payments. To a degree, the long delivery times aren't so much of a problem but the uncertainty and delivery dates being constantly pushed out is. It not just about being impatient, it can be a difficult situation to deal with.
  8. nlee

    Charging help

    Would seem logical that it was anything to do with the car causing overload as most domestic charging points are 32 amp (approx 7.4kw) whereas the charger on the car is 6.6kw so should be pulling less than 32 amp. Having said that, it seems coincidental that it only happen on the RAV and at around the same point. Apologies, I don't have a picture because I didn't charge last night but my charge point app shows the profile of the charge and it does fluctuate over the cycle. It starts below the 6.6kw then increases and is more or less flat then tapers towards the end, for the last few % fill. It does seem to have a small peak just before it tapers but nothing excessive and it wouldn't have thought this was around the 38 mile remaining point.
  9. nlee

    MyT app update

    I looked closer at my trip history for Mon & Tues. I did quite a few short trips visiting local work sites. On Monday I did 10 individual trips. Trip 2 and 4 missing. On Tuesday I did 6 trips. Trip 2, 4, 5 & 6 all missing. However, it knew my car location was at home at the end of the day so must assume I teleported! Think I need to accept it's a completely useless function.
  10. nlee

    MyT app update

    No problems logging in today but it has currently lost the last 4 business trips this afternoon. Hopefully they'll appear in due course. They are only 20/25 miles each so not the over 2000 event issue.
  11. I'd have to say this is quite common in filling stations I use. Not sure if it shares the pump or the power supply to the pump but it has no impact on cost as this comes from an online calibrated flowmeter on the pump discharge side to the individual hose and nozzle.
  12. I know BZ stands for Beyond Zero (Toyota's new strap line) but not sure about the 4X.
  13. I still struggle to see the sense of why Toyota would go for an 11kw onboard charger. If you have a 3 phase supply it will make no difference. If you have a 3 phase supply it won't make a great deal of difference. Why not have the option as a 22kw charger so you could take proper advantage of 3 phase if you wanted. It probably because it's designed with the US in mind where I presume a 3 phase supply is only capable of 11kw(?)
  14. I signed up in the app yesterday, although I haven't completed the set up my account yet. I got an email from them today advising new rates from 22nd June as below...
  15. And just as it looks good, they increase the prices nearly 50% today! PAYG unit price up from 35p to 50p.
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