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  1. You can set it to repeat if you set the schedule in the car MID rather than the app. But, I too have the HV and prefer to use that to control the schedule.
  2. That's right, it will just stop charging once full, so with a 7kw start at 00:30 and it'll finish by 03:00
  3. I suspect he's referring to alerts/messages in the MyT app rather than in the car. I had a couple from pre-handover that I noticed later that I put down to PDI, as you say. It seems the messages in MyT stay until you acknowledge or dismiss them but doesn't mean a live issue.
  4. Maybe the increased cost of components for the heated steering wheel, etc. 😄 verses reducing cost of battery technology, etc. Probably more likely they want to sell more PHEVs to increase their environment quota/targets???
  5. Very difficult to diagnose these things as it could be a whole manner of different causes and it's often trial and error. It does sound like it's phone settings rather than multimedia settings though but it sounds like multiple different issues Here's a few general things you could try..... There is a lot of posts on the internet about messages not being read out. This is supposed fixed. May sure you have the latest version of AA and messages app installed. Find the AA app on the phone, long press and select app info. In Storage, clear the Cache. In permissions, check access is granted to everything (especially microphone). Either go into the app, or go to settings and search for Android Auto. Make sure use OK Google is enabled. Check other preferences are as you want them while you're there. If all else fails, either uninstall the app and connect to the car to reinitiate the set up, or forget the connection to your car and do the same (the former should give a cleaner install but might not be possible depending on your phone and whether the app is there as a standalone or embedded in the background) One of the workarounds suggested for the read out of messages was to check the text to speech settings in settings->accessibility has the Google engine enabled. You could try that also.
  6. nlee

    MyT app again

    That's what I thought was beneficial, I didn't need to "refresh" and wake the car. It was showing the current status and when the charge was completed it stopped pulsing. All without refreshing. I presume it sends a single when the charge starts, then again when it stops.
  7. nlee

    MyT app again

    I'm not sure if I've just missed it before but I noticed last week when my PHEV was charging that the lightning bolt symbol on the button on the front page pulses when charging. I'm sure previously I had to press the button to go onto the next page to check it was charging. I'm normally in bed when it's charging so it could have been there ages. Not earth shattering but handy if on a public charger for a quick check. PS. Looks like they've been messing again as I failed to log in a few times this evening.
  8. The consumer price index for 12 months to the end of March was 7.0% with every indication it will be around 9% to the end of April when the figures are released in a few days. So, yes, a hefty increase but probably in line with everything else and expectations. For comparison, CPI was 0.7% in March 2021 so no wonder some of the price increases we see now seem shocking.
  9. Afraid not. Theoretically you could but there is no space below the socket on the car for the additional bit on the CCS plug. The standard is designed to work the other way round with a CCS socket which can accommodate a CCS plug or a Type 2 plug but the PHEV is just a Type 2 socket. If it's important, you may be able to get an adaptor or fly lead but best to make sure it's a decent one.
  10. I wonder if you've got some sort of conflict going on. I can't remember the trial I had with Coyote and whether that had spoken warnings but the Cyclops or built in Toyota camera have never had spoken warnings for me.
  11. When you say phone connected, how is it connected? Cable, Bluetooth or WiFi Hotspot? If it's Cable or Bluetooth you will probably have to enable USB or Bluetooth tethering in your phone settings. Not sure how iPhones work but a lot of Android phones will turn it off automatically if it's not actively used for a few minutes so you need to turn it back on every journey, which is just a pain. Only reliable way I found was via hotspot but I didn't like to have hotspot enabled all the time due to power consumption and heat generated on the phone, hence why I gave up in the end! To be fair, for me it works from a Toyota perspective, it's the way my phone handles it that stopped me using it.
  12. I think you have to set speed camera to use online in the settings under Map. Then you have to have it permanently connected to the phone all the time. However, mobile camera locations generally come from users reporting them rather from any database and I doubt the user base of the Toyota system can come close to users of the likes of Waze or TomTom.
  13. I think Cyclops is what is referred to as "built in cameras" through this thread. As Ernie says, you get this free for 3 years.
  14. I tried the free trial. I wasn't that impressed to justify the subscription. As far as I could tell, you need to be connected to the internet via your phone and you can't use it if using Android Auto (and I presume Apple CarPlay). There's plenty of free apps you can use an AA or ACP instead. The built in camera warnings aren't live (unless you have it set in the settings menu but then you need your phone connected again) but they are useful if you can't be bothered to plug in the phone every time. Unfortunately, my built in cameras were lost when I updated the maps OTA and I haven't found a spare few hours to update maps via USB to get them back.
  15. It will be minimal when comparing powering those big powerful motors against a relatively small heat pump. I don't know the exact figures but the heat pump, I think, will be around 1kw. In 15 mins that's about 0.25kw of consumption. Assuming you get around 3.5 miles per kWh, that's about 0.9 miles. Just to note, the heat pump in the PHEV is about 3-4 times more efficient than a heat block or ceramic type heater. It might use a bit more power if you use the front and rear demisters but I'd still expect it to be fairly minimal.
  16. There's been a discussion about this on the "other forum" relating more towards potential relay type theft than battery saving. I've read somewhere that the motion sensing auto sleep for the fob is only on later models, and may not be on some MY19/MY20 Mk5s. It's also maybe not present on some other Toyota models at all, the RAV was the first to get it. If it's important for you to know you have it, for security peace of mind, then probably worth testing it, or check your vehicle specific manual online. Put the keys on the floor by the driver door and leave them. Occasionally try to lock/unlock the door with the door handle sensors and a timer running. Mine stopped after 4 mins. Tap the keys with your foot and it will lock/unlock again. This is a fairly new additional security implementation that only some of the bigger brands have introduced in the last 3 or so years. The autosleep time seems to generally be in the range of 45 sec to 15 mins across brands and models but those who have tested the RAV4 seem to be getting 4 mins.
  17. nlee

    MyT app again

    My Land Rover was free for 3 years then there was a tiered subscription. Some basic functionality was free, e.g. journey recording, vehicle location and lock status. The remote functions e.g. lock/unlock, remote climate control and automatic SOS calls was £35/year. The theft monitoring/alerting and tracking service was about another £220 per year. It was about 10% cheaper overall if you paid for 2 years upfront.
  18. I don't use the app or car to control schedules anymore because I use the wall charger instead. However, when I used it in the early days, I thought the schedule in the app was a one-off, so I'd say if you didn't plug in and missed the charge it wouldn't carry over to the next day. This could have changed since I was using it. I found it easier to set it up on the MID menu in the car where you could set up a reoccurring schedule and just leave it. If you plug in, it will charge to the schedule, if you don't it will charge next time. As you say you are an opportunistic charger, when you want an extra charge, you just need to select the charge now option in the menu before you leave the car and it will charge outside the schedule.
  19. nlee

    MyT app again

    That's a good point, never thought about that. I'll propose it to them 🤣🤣
  20. nlee

    MyT app again

    That sounds very odd. I've looked at mine and I have data for March (albeit only for short journeys so it's not that meaningful!) I wouldn't hold your breath on the response to feedback. I've just had a very frustrating response from them on the curtailed journeys. They kindly informed me not to worry because the 2000 event limit is no longer present in the MY22 models! Great news! I'm beginning to lose faith in the MyT app and ready to just give up on it. You hit the nail on the head in your other post, that if they wanted to charge for it, it would have to be a lot better than it is.
  21. Sorry, not an answer to your question as I don't use the Toyota Sat Nav, but do you need to plug the phone into the car to get it to transfer the route? I assumed it sent the route to the car via the data connection (inbuilt SIM) and you wouldn't even need to have the phone with you?
  22. I could easily get around it by controlling the schedule in the car (which I used to do with the granny charger). The wall charger (I don't have the Hive one) only behaves the same as if I'd had a time switch on the granny charger. It was a balance for me, I decided to set the schedule on the wall charger as my car is always parked next to it during the "on" period so no chance of anyone pulling up and plugging in without me knowing. When I'm out in the car, outside the schedule, the charger is effectively off. Having said that, the risk of someone stealing a few hours of electricity, or removing the cable from the car, is fairly low so probably not really worth worrying about either. I guess if I missed a charge, it wouldn't be the end of the world, whereas in a full BEV it might be more of an issue to come out in the morning and find you haven't got enough juice to get to work.
  23. I've set my scheduled charging up at the wall charger rather than the car. When I plug in it doesn't lock the holster in the car because it needs to see power to trigger it. When you unlock the car, say to get something out, it interrupts the charge so when you then lock the car, it wouldn't lock the holster back in place unless it happened automatically. It might do with the granny charger because that would still have power. That might be the logic? Only speculating and not worth trying to second guess the musings of a designer somewhere!
  24. Just done a couple of experiments for you Nick. If I unlock the car and do nothing else, the charging port and doors relock after 30 sec. If I unlock the car and open the boot, the charging port locks after 30 secs but not the doors. Yes, looks like unplugging at the car end first might be the best option. My home charger is tethered so I'm used to unplugging that end first which is probably why I've not noticed it being an issue.
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