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  1. Insurence really does my head in. one of my mates drives around with no insurence and has never been caught ( in a £12000 bmw Y plate) yet everyone else has to pay :censor: stupid prices!! i was quoted £2500 on the G6R ( a 1.6 ) with some companys with 4 ncb!!! It really makes ya wonder if its worth the hassle.
  2. Yeah they are good cars. i love mine to bits. ive had it for 2 years and it aint let me down. well not yet anyway. just need to sort the few things that need doin then its on to a nissan im afraid
  3. Bangin there's some of those near me on a golf course.
  4. Ive just noticed a rattle on mine at certain revs and when you let off the gas. ive got no idea were its coming from tho but im getting a bit worried. how did yours sound like when it started? its not the same engine as yours just after clue's as to what it could be.
  5. yeah its not too bad. still a baby tho and there's a fench v jap war on at the mo
  6. Yes comrade im there. its the weekend after pay day toooooo.
  7. Yeah the new skyline aint a really a skyline. but this GTR pure bangin!!!
  8. it was an awsome event. only found the TOC at about 4 pm when everyone was leaving :( still had a great time. and the jet car
  9. That would be cool if we could get somthin arranged. i'd be up for it!
  10. could ya find out how many G6R's are left???
  11. bangin i finally get to see your G6R. got gag now. ken dont suppose we could pay on the gate then come and find ya to get a parking pass????
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