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  1. Insurence really does my head in. one of my mates drives around with no insurence and has never been caught ( in a £12000 bmw Y plate)

    yet everyone else has to pay :censor: stupid prices!! i was quoted £2500 on the G6R ( a 1.6 ) with some companys with 4 ncb!!! It really makes ya wonder if its worth the hassle.

  2. Ive not been up 2 much. thinkin about selling her soon for an s13 200sx :unsure: cant make my mind up. so in the meentime ive just been getting her back up to scratch, new front wings, new door window switch, got rid of all my stickers and things gonna get her back to standard.

    serviced her the other night too at 80k now!!! been to a few shows and meets around a few more to go. then its gonna be christmas :( and thats more money.

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