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  1. I work in a truck dealership. if some parts let go just outside of warrenty then we can send bits back under goodwill not sure about toyota tho.
  2. Hey does any one know were to find the paint code on a '99 corolla? thanks.
  3. DRIFT demos and the fensport rolla might have to put my name down for this. Ill send ya an sea then.
  4. in my '99 G6R the seat "re-set" so you have to adjust back to what they were. the beep is in my car too when ya put it in reverse. its cos the gap between 1st and reverse is so close it so you dont put it in when ya not ment to. i can listen to the radio with the door open its just when the lights are on and the doors open it makes a noise.
  5. yeah you can get anythin for a ford for £11!! i know of a cretain corolla G6R that could be for sale for that price.
  6. Yeah got mine yeaterday just looked on the website it looks awsome. got gag now cheers kimi
  7. Im thinkin about going too. and i live just in the middle of notts and derby.
  8. Hey i pm'ed ya did ya get it??
  9. erm its quite blue inside aint it. one sweet motor tho wish mine looked that clean
  10. Already got my name down for this one. dont think id be much good on the strip tho!!!!
  11. Span out for a bit. ill show ya this weekend.
  12. i pass when i was 17 and 1 month first time at a total cost of £0 to me :P :P (it helps that both rents are drivin instructers!!!!)
  13. Right managed to get my money back - 25%. am i entitled to the full lot???? this is blaggin my head now!
  14. i aways engine brake. had to change the pads once so im never doing it again ( who says im tight)
  15. no your just a !Removed! lol :P
  16. ERM it dont look like it. ill be going tho with a few mates one of which is a member on here too. there two so far.
  17. no luck yet. :ffs: im gonna get in touch with trading standards
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