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  1. Cool ill see what there sayin this morning. thanks for the advice people. really helps
  2. Im so :censor: off now its unreal. about a week ago i called !Removed! of Rochdale from a new door swich for my corolla. gave them all the info to the bloke on the phone and was quoted the price of £41.13 i thought great so i ordered it and then waited. next day the switch turned up. however it turn's out it was for a 5 door corolla. and they had charged me an extra£10. :ffs: damn. so i gave the place a ring back they said " yeah man we'll send ya another one out". which never turned up. i rang them back and told them again + this time asked for an address after a right misson to get them to tell it me i got it out of them and then sent the switch back. this mornin i give them a ring to see if they got the switch and the bloke was like "yeah got the switch and well refund ya" awsome i thought. 12 o clock came and went so i rang them up and the bloke was like " its your fault we sent the wrong bits as you never said it was for a 3 door!!!" :ffs: he was gonna give me a credit note but i said what the point if you dont do any bits for a 3 door and i dont got a 5??? then he puts the phone down. :censor: ive emailed him and got him to say hes gonna refund me but keep 25% (12.50 ish) does any one who's still with me know were i stand with this? im really not sure? ive got a massive headache now!
  3. i might be goin some of my mates are just gotta decide.
  4. We'll be back at mfn on sunday! :D Been a few weeks so we may just pop along so if you spot us say hello! ← cool ill keep my eyes open then.
  5. I must walk round MFN with my eyes closed altough i did see that bangig rx7 from the bubble there and a few supras. any way the bubble was awsome didnt talk alot of the toc as some old freinds were there but im gonna have to next time.
  6. Hello ive not been in this bit before. just wondered if any one knows any websites that do body kits for the old celica's. the one with the pop up head lights. gotta go see my mate in hospital 2 night and he's thinking about buyin one when he gets out. thanks in advance
  7. cool ill let them know. cheers dude
  8. Me and my mate ( spinout mr2) will be there. can i bring antother mate in a turbo civic???? oh and one in an almera gti?????
  9. Im with elephant its not bad. Firthy how mucth roughly is yours? same car and all.
  10. Dont suppose anyone could post a pic? cant get on a lot of links (ebay ect) cos its a works computer. thanks
  11. ABOUT 10 TO 20 SECS blaggin my head for the first 15 tho.
  12. I didnt have the car the so i dont know if the bloke before took it in??? all done now tho.
  13. could do but i only live like 15 mins away. donnington services (m1 j24a i think) would be a good place to meet as its fright on the egde of the A50.
  14. Its gonna be worth it if it is a belt. it dont cost as much as havin to fix it if it does go on ya. think mine came to £200 ish ( had to get a water pump as they are used as a tenstioner aswell)
  15. £150 on there thats quite good. cheers dudes
  16. No kiddin he wants a bit more. out of the window with that one then.
  17. Hey been trying to find some TTE springs for my G6R. phoned round my local dealers but they have no idea were to get them from!!! ( what do they get paid for????) just wondered if you could get them from anywere else?
  18. man i'd love to have a car like that. that's somthing special.
  19. Im with RAC i get it all free for me and 5 other family members. think its the everything package. had to call them not long back for my step dads kit car (clutch had discombobulated) they just put it on a truck and took it home. they took dead good care of it too as its really low and not alot of towing space to get the whinch in. really good service.
  20. Gotta be tea hardly any milk and 2 sugars. i'll put the kettle on.
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