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  1. Hey i would do them but dont live anywere near brighton.
  2. cool awsome meet again! had a great time. thanks for puttin it on. didnt manage to get any photos forgot my camara.
  3. if the milage is what he say's and you keep it mint then you should be able to sell it for a bit of a proffit to spend on the lica. (could you not just get another lower milage ecu and sell it?????)
  4. its a big see through thing that pops when you touch it. nah not really its just a meet at a pub in between derby and swadlincote.
  5. this might not work as i work on trucks but there is a bolt on the fuel pump if you screw this in or out the it adjusts the idleing speed. probably not the same on a petrol engine as these are diesels. could be the same tho.
  6. I know a local company (i say company it's really just a few people that work at weekends and evenings) that make body kits and things. you draw what ya want and they make the moulds and all that. dont know if they still do it and only ever seen a mad half finnished starlet turbo with massive arches and weird boot. not seen it finished so not mush to go on. just tried to look at their web site and it looks like they dont do it no more. oh well it wasnt really that local to ya anyway.
  7. Not to sure what time ill be there any chance of meetin at trowell service's as i'd have to go up to come down sort of thing. what way are you thinking of going? i was gonna go down the 606 from notts through melton then on to the a1 and get off at peterborough. nice scenic route. who else is comin from derby / notts?
  8. hey im comin erm not sure who or when to pay at the mo ill check later on. just didnt want to miss out on a space. thankyou!!!!!
  9. powerhouse is in derby. mainly do fensport bits though. bit too far aswell oh well i tried.
  11. Im in if thats ok as its only 10mins down the road from me. probably still manage to be late tho. Its an awsome venue went a while back and had the best time ever.
  12. Oh right yeah i know what they are now cheers
  13. Looks like a 306 to me. probably wrong tho
  14. Im not really that sure whet im gonna do. just gonna go down tonight and see if i can get one off someone who maybe has one spare. i would post a link on with the line up but i dont know how i know system of a down, slipknot and slayer are on on the sunday night. cant wait now got the rest of the week off now so ill see ya all on tuesday.
  15. Ive just got 2 weekend download tickets for £50 hee hee. :D :D :D there not camping one's though. ( sorry for this post just dead happy)
  16. Oh glad i didnt do it then now bet it will be fazed in over the next few years though :( thats gonna suck.
  17. me and my mate are gonna go down on friday what time you meetin in mansfield?
  18. Yeah i think we all should. When i renewed my insurence they tried to sell me this policy were they put a "black box" in my car and it was ment to work out cheaper for me like a pay and go system. it all sounded good till i asked her the tariffs it was 8p per mile 6am till 11pm then £1 per mile 11pm till 6am. id made my mind up already but thought id ask her how it works she said it ran off GPS then when i asked her if they could moniter speed and she said not at the mo but there were plans to! id rather pay road tax any day.
  19. Im coming if thats ok? Not bothered what day or were. its gonna rain now and i need to bath my car. :ffs:
  20. I've voted: Less Than Jake- Escape from the a bomb house. best song in the world ever! have you heard the Dont fear the reaper cover by HIM thats quite a good driving song too.
  21. Could i have one please red XL if there is any. thank you.
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