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  1. I had the same trouble with my G6R (e111) had to remove the battery and i could just get something down to unplug it. might be the same sort of thing.
  2. right i was sat at mc donalds last night and this random bloke came over and gave me a leaflet. apparently on the 4th of June there's cruise to somewere in notts. People are meeting up in various place's: Derby Wyvern meet @ 7.30 leave @7.45 Nottingham Lady bay retail park meet @ 7.15 leave @ 7.30 M1 south bound Trowell services meet @ 7.30 leave @ 7.45 Watford gap north meet @ 6.45 leave @ 7.00 Lincoln south hykeham maccies meet @ 6.45 leave @ 7.00 i have no idea were we're going to end up. might not be that good and probably full of halford corsa's and saxo's.
  3. aint a key board got a lock tho?
  4. Hey dude right a diff makes one wheel turn faster than the other when cornering. if you weld the diff its going to make both wheels turn at the same speed. http://auto.howstuffworks.com/differential.htm this website is quite good for explaining things like this im not too good at explainin. hope this helps.
  5. i think i read somwhere that G6R skirts are like £400? not sure how true that is tho as i relly cant remember. not sure about everything else. although boster tuning has some nice stuff on there.
  6. what no pictures???? would have been quite fun to see. wouldn't have been that fun to clean up!
  7. £130 for a door modual!!!!! £300 for a front wing!!!!!!
  8. Hey i've got a power flow on my G6R. it is a good exhaust looks really cool too. although i have taken it back like 6 times because it kept blowin. i was gettin quite :censor: 'ed off with them but the last time i took it back a different bloke fixed it now its awsome. not problem's whatsoever.
  9. cool im from west hallam just the other side of ilkeston, not sure were abouts in stabbo i know theres a vauxall place there? cheers dude
  10. Alright mate im in the same boat, some scag heads have kicked both my front wings in :ffs: and toyota want £300 each!!!!!! :censor: heard rumers of one around stapleford but i havnt been to look yet. let us know if you find somwere cheers dude.
  11. Hello all just wondered if any one could help me. i have a g6r (ae111) the drivers side window wont work any more. when you press the switch nothing happens but you can still opperate the passenger side and lock the doors off the same door unit. has any one else encounted this problem? or have any ideas on what i could try? all the fuse's seem to be ok and ive taken the unit out but there's a maze of electric stuff so i just put it back in. if any one could help it would be most appreciated. thankyou
  12. Hey who is goin to the Jap fest? rally wanna see G6AArgh's car for real it looks quite good + ae111sr yours sounds quite flash too. im comin down in mine although not a patch on yours ill just hide it behind a tree or something. cool
  13. Sorry mate i have no idea how to remove that. could do with knowing though as i wanted one of those quick shift thingy's. quite a pointless post really.
  14. My eyes hurt now! thats some mission you've had with that! hope everythings still ok cant belive how little you pay for fuel thats crazy! take it easy dude
  15. So whats this all about? where do ya get it from?
  16. i think we ought too. i wasnt gonna vote but youve changed my mind. and im not voting labour. just one more thing, how come shell makes 1m per hour yet fuel keeps gettin more expensive? greed :ffs:
  17. Oh yeah forgot about that ill be there then just tryin to get some more folks to come
  18. hey do ya think we will be allowed disposable bbq's? if i take some bricks or somethin for it to stand on??
  19. what about if we meet up at trowell service's about 7:15 then we got half hour to get to the proper meet. i think trowell service's is after junc 26.
  20. i think about 7.15 ish my numbers 07843607198 give us a ring or somthin were bouts you from?
  21. hey i live in ilkeston so im gonna be going on the north one. if i can talk my mate into wake up in time. are we gonna meet somewere beforehand or everyone meet at the service's??????
  22. Im torn now i have no idea what one to go to. the bubble was awsome last month but bruntingthorpe's goona be good too cant decide
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