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  1. Oh yes, like a chimney! 😞
  2. @Jeya I the smoke is produced when the car does the DPF regeneration, this seems to happen every day. After a ECU reset it might not regenerate the first day but then its back to smoke and regeneration soon after. @GUNDOGI assume it the first gen, not sure how to check but my car is a 2007
  3. Smoke returned.. so 5th injector disconnected again whilst thinking what's next...
  4. So one week in and no noticeable difference in performance (it still pulls like a train) but I have seen 3-4mpg increase on the built in computer (I'll wait until I refill then calculate more accurately) however the big change is after having reconnected the 5th injector I've seen no white smoke clouds.... and before the work this happened daily like clock work at the same point in my journey, its only been a week so will keep an eye out in my rear+side windows ..
  5. So as it was a nice sunny day I took off the inlet manifold to see how much soot had built up. This is from my 2.2 D-Cat with 80K Miles on clock, unknown if ever cleaned, hoping for a little improvement in performance/economy now the engine can breath a little better 🙂
  6. Yes so when the injector was disconnected the car would not start so I assumed as the injector measured 7.5 ohm's then yes you could fit a resistor inline instead of the injector that would trick the car. I ended up buying a spare injector as I wondered if mine was sticking, so ended up just leaving this hanging on. Anyway as you all say this is not a permanent fix it was just to confirm its related to the smoke. Next I'm going to check the wiring resistance from the DPF differential sensor to the ECU as @Jeya suggested. This makes sense if it's partially broken and giving the ECU false information and firing the 5th injector. The readings in Techstream seemed stable but still worth a check I think.
  7. @Jeya Good news, what did you change? do you have a part number or picture ?
  8. yes it used to smoke on long journey and short journeys
  9. @velles2003 great reply, thank you. So I wasn't thinking removing the 5th injector to be a permanent solution although its interesting to see a 'passive' DPF regen could be possible through high revs (I note you recorded 250'C, but I think active regen reaches +500'c...so not sure if that would clean enough??) I removed the 5th injector to confirm the smoke was not coming from the engine injectors as other threads suggest that can be a cause. The good news for me is I still see NO smoke so am convinced this is the cause, I next need to find out why, if possible, its frequently injecting diesel into the exhaust. I also had a thought that I could add a switch with a 7.5R resistor to allow me from within the car to switch the injector on/off. This way I could allow a 'active' regen once a month for example, or have some fun and turn the smoke back on when needed :-) So the fuel consumption is looking better, I won't give figures yet as I've not covered enough miles to get an average but I'm sure spraying all that diesel out the exhaust would add up! The car may also feel a touch more responsive so I wonder if the common rail fuel pressure is higher without that leak. I'll continue driving without the 5th injector connected and keep an eye on the DFP differential pressure readings to see if its increasing over time or in fact manages to keep itself clear through my routine journeys.
  10. Having replaced the 5th injector I can confirm no change the smoke still fills up my rear view! So I decided to connect the original 5th injector to the electrical connection and secure it out the way with no fuel pipe connected (the fuel pipe was going to the 5th injector in the engine with no power). Guess what NO SMOKE. I have driven around my daily journey which always start smoking at the same point and clear exhaust all the time. This proves my smoke was the 5th injector probably over fuelling the question now is what was triggering it to spray the diesel. My DPF differential pressure is low showing the DPF is not full/blocked, I have no engine codes but I do have the EGR temperature error which I shared a picture of a short while back from tech stream. I am really keen to find this sensor and clean and test it, if anyone knows about this please reply. Thanks
  11. I removed my 5th injector and found the inlet hole blocked with soot... I cleaned it out with a small metal point and EGR aerosol (but wish I'd seen the above post as a pipe cleaner would have been better since its a deep hole so really not sure how much further its blocked.) I fitted a new 5th injector whilst it was out but I think measuring 7.5R it was probably okay. First test drive resulted in smoke 😞 but it was more bursty on/off compared to loads of smoke before. I'll use it this week and look again next weekend, hoping if the blocked hole is slightly less blocked the diesel will clean further... I'm thinking I could also add the original injector back connected to power only and left taped up to confirm all smoke stops so its not from anything else. @Gungod its the oxidation catalyst according to this useful link https://toyota-club.net/files/faq/13-01-01_faq_ad-engine_eng.htm
  12. Does anyone know where the 'monitor' values for the 'exhaust gas recirculation /VVT' come from in tech stream? Picture shows a fail on the temperature reading. I too am chasing the smoke issue and wonder if this could trigger the 5th injector to excessively fire. My exhaust temperatures are correct in the order of 500c so this one must be from an 'fresh' air intake, I have removed, cleaned and tested intake air temperature sensor FAE 33236 located below the EGR and this showed the correct resistance value whilst at room temperature and being heated so don't think it is that. I have also changed the EGR so don't think it has any internal temperature sensors. Anyone have any ideas? IMG_4118.HEIC
  13. Hi Simon, did you find an answer? I have no DTC error but monitor fail My FLOW#1 has failed the temperature thresholds often reading -xx 'C My FLOW#2 is good around 8x mm Regards Andy
  14. Thank you, yes I have the T180 DCAT 2.2 and it is mainly used for local trips. It has 78k miles on the clock. I have occasionally driven longer runs from 30mins to 2hrs, this didn’t really make much difference to the routine shorter trip the following day where smoke drifts out usually starting at the same landmark about 5mins into the journey, they on and off until destination is reached. I had heard a rumour that the regeneration occurs above 40mph, is this correct? as mine puffs out at standstill but more noticeable with a little speed. If it needs regeneration/cleaning can this be done without driving to help it, I have recently replaced a totally blocked EGR value and cleaned a sooty 5th injector so wondering if anything else could be cleaned/replaced? Any help suggestions welcomed.
  15. Snap, car runs fine but puffs white smoke for a few mins then clears. This pattern is happening daily now on its local runs.
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