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  1. Still no update yet but the video clips are with dealers now. They will get back to me with a diagnosis or have to get the car in for a look.
  2. Wow that’s a brilliant find! I will mention that to the dealers today as a possibility. Only thing I think of is that my beeping can happen when I am doing decent speeds on the motorway, and I would have thought the parking sensors would have been deactivated above certain low speeds. That said a fault on a sensor would still indicate a fault no matter the speed I guess. Great flow charts to help diagnose the faults, thanks!
  3. So I changed the fob battery to a new one and I could not get the car to open! Stuck the old one back in and it worked fine. Yeah the fiesta tells you in the dash that the battery needs replaced so I thought the Corolla would do it too, another thing ruled out I guess! thanks for the continued advice and tips.
  4. Ok brand new CR 2032 battery added to fob now (had to do the fiesta last week weirdly, so had spares). Going out soon so will see how it gets on! cheers.
  5. Thanks I have seen that thread before and got to imagine there are similar systems used within the Corolla / CHR / RAV4 / Camry for example. So the parking sensor is a good shout even though it’s a slightly different beep in mine and a lot more random! I would have hoped that the Toyota dealer yesterday would have run a diagnostic check to see if there were any fault codes rather than just sit on the car listening to see if the beeps happen. I have to call them tomorrow and attempt to get the video clips emailed over to them so I will ask if there were any faults stored. Just to add. I do also drive with the auto beam switched on, and auto parking works fine but that has to be activated with a switch when I arrive at a suitable spot.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I don’t think it will be the dog beds on the back seat but I will try it just to rule it out. The three belts are all plugged in to attempt to rule that out (two are the dogs seatbelts). To add to the confusion. I can sometimes drive up to a week without hearing it and then I can go a run of it happening every drive. Equally I can drive maybe 20mins totally fine and go to a shop for 10 mins and get back into the car to drive the same route home and it starts immediately. it can happen as soon as you get in put the belts on foot on the brake and press the start button, I have now started switching it off locking the car and starting the process again. Thought I had cracked it with this but nope not always! I was thinking could it be the battery in the fob or was it do do with low hybrid battery switching to petrol only mode or something but I doubt that too!
  7. Hi, definitely 1 long beep and 4 short ones (it plays inside my head now even when not in the car!). The back seat scenario is the one that keeps coming up the most from my own internet searches. I do have two dog beds on the back seats but all three seatbelts are constantly plugged in and disappointingly the beeps kept happening. Pretty sure that there is a visual display on the dashboard as well to indicate when someone does not have a seatbelt on (which I don’t get when the beeping happens). However I guess I can’t really rule this out as being the “fix” until I drive with nothing on the seats, so I will try that again next - thanks. There is no speed limiter set though.
  8. Hi, very observant I noticed that myself when I uploaded the video clip. Sadly no the heated seat does not have any influence on the beeping. That was a cold day this week but the beeping has happened consistently throughout the year even on the hottest days.
  9. Thanks RabButler, yeah that also is a possibility and makes sense much like Flash22’s point. Just it was only picked up from Toyota today, where it was in for a service and a fault diagnosis for the beep. They have said no fault found and could I send them a video much like I have done on this chat. I would have hoped a fault would have shown up on a diagnostic check this morning. I have to call them on Monday as to where best to send the videos, but the salesman felt I could potentially get just as good a diagnosis from Toyota owners and enthusiasts on this forum. So thanks for the replies they are much appreciated!
  10. Thanks AndrueC it’s like an alarm on a 1980’s Casio watch lol
  11. Hi, it could be that I guess just sometimes it happens as soon as you start the car before you move or even put it in drive. I have tried to upload a couple of videos there if it happening, a 9 second clip where it happens once after moving off and a 50 second clip where it happens once at the start and once at the end… FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov IMG_1956.MOV
  12. Hi, I have a 2019 Corolla Excel 2.0 hatchback that is, for the most part, brilliant I have to say. However, it makes an audible beeping noise from the dash (instrument cluster), of 5 beeps, and I have absolutely no idea what the car is trying to tell me. The car is full of safety tech and will do plenty of different audible warnings as you drive, but every one comes with a visual warning to accompany it (apart from this 5 beep head scratcher). I have reported it twice to the dealer now and each time it’s a “no fault found”. I have shown a video of the fault to one of the salesman, who owns a Corolla, and he had no idea what it was either, he suggested I try an owners forum for help so here I am. It will do it stationary in the drive or a car park, it will also do it on the move at different speeds. I have turned off all the driver aids and it still does it. There seems to be no set of circumstances that give a hint to what the car is telling me, I just want to turn it off or get it fixed. So, it’s not Lane change warning Speed limit warning Seatbelt warning, I have also buckled all the belts in case it’s picking up an object on one of the seats. sos (roof headliner) warning Fuel level warning distance from vehicle warning (radar cruise) I don’t have a camera fitted although I have checked online and some of the US market models point to this causing a beep - so I don’t think it’s that either. I don’t think it’s a beep to alert hybrid battery level changes. it’s not a parking distance alert. I got Toyota to fit apple car play but it did this noise before and after that upgrade so it’s not that either. I do have videos of it that I could show but not sure if I can upload them here or not? Hoping someone else has been through this issue and can just tell me what it is! As good as the car is I am now at the point that I can’t stand it much longer as it’s driving me mad, really hope someone can help!
  13. Hi everyone, new member in Glasgow. I have a 2019 Corolla Excel 2.0 hatchback.
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