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  1. Really sorry all - newbie here: how do I go about increasing the regenerative breaking?
  2. Is there a way to demist the front windshield without using petrol? I'm finding that when I turn the heating on the ICE kicks in and it won't turn off the remainder of the journey, despite me turning off the heating.
  3. I often only drive 10 miles a day and so when I leave the PHEV to charge overnight it's usually fully charged by 4am. Would it damage the battery to leave it charging (even though fully charged) from 4am -8am? I suspect not but just wanted to check
  4. Thanks v much for this and agree that chargers are probably going to change as time goes on and batteries become even bigger! You mentioned that you set charge times - is that something you can do in the car or is it something specific to your own setup?
  5. Hi all I have a 3pin mains charger installed at the front of my house and am wondering whether it's worth me getting a 7kw fast charger (around £550). 3pin charge will take me 5 hours I believe and the 7kw will take me 2.5. Seems quite expensive to switch to a fast charger for the sake of such little time difference, particularly given the fact that I won't be draining the battery completely before it's charged - I will charge it every evening. What have you guys done?
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