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  1. Done the same as most other folk. £500 deposit on CC. The rest of the deposit will be however they want it paid. Likely to be bank transfer, but I'll check to make sure it doesn't delay handover. I've done large transfers before and have done it in the bank/building society and got the cashier at the counter to process and confirm. I remember getting a large refund for a cancelled holiday. They sent £1 through first to confirm correct details and the rest followed after that confirmation. If you're concerned, try that. It's a bummer though, if it delays pick up of the vehicle. We've all been waiting a long time!!
  2. Following on from my previous post, I did get an e mail from the dealer to offer apologies for the lack of contact and that they would look into latest news for me and report, however the MyT app data has changed again today and moved on, on the map, still 'In Transit' but now moved on to showing in Derby. That's 6 days from arriving at Portbury, so perhaps not too long to wait now, final checks, fitting tow bar then down south to dealer.
  3. Between the info on the App and the JSON data(which I will try to open) and thanks for the help from others on the forum for this. Is it just me or is anybody else finding it difficult to get any info from their dealers. I've emailed mine about 3 times for info since I ordered my vehicle (late September), so not excessive. Not a flicker of a reply, except one phone call back. Should be close to delivery time, but concerned about the lack of customer support.
  4. Looks like things moved on quite quickly. I agree that there's no set formula and there's a fair bit of variation. Ordered my HEV Dynamic on 28/09 Build 02/02 Left factory 09/02 Arrived Portbury 10/03 2-3 weeks to dealer maybe Enjoy your new motor!
  5. How long was it between 'In Transit' and 'Arrived at retailer'.
  6. Yes, MyT app has changed to 'In Transit' for me too, so all looking very promising for perhaps an earlier collection date from 05 May projection by dealer. One would hope they will contact me to update.
  7. Is anybody else expecting a vehicle in the near future. I have had a look at the marine traffic apps and a vehicle carrier, Michigan Highway, from Japan, is due to arrive at Portbury on Thursday this week. Ever hopeful mine is on that ship!!
  8. Yes, the 'vehicle on ship' icon indicating 'left the factory' is highlighted in red + white dot. Dealer estimation, presumably with some info from Toyota, is early May. Its been a long wait so far. Glad to see that others on the forum have been collecting their vehicles. I've been busy sorting and planning the sale of my 8 yr old Yeti, privately. Not trading it in. Incidentally, another topic on new car purchase. Dealers are pedalling the GAP/Smart Insurance/Supagard/Tyre&Alloy Insurance package. Mine actually added it to invoice without a word. £1.6k. Peanuts, I guess when you're spending nearly 40k! Needless to say I will not be taking up the offer and removing it. I'm insured with NFU at the moment and will get the 2yr new car cover as standard and I have a local detailer in mind for paint/trim protection. Not sure about the other items in the package. What decisions/conclusions did anyone else come to?
  9. I placed my order late September, showed 'processing order' for just over 4 months. Changed to 'build in progress' on 02/02, then 'left factory' on 09/02. So, it's still in port awaiting a vessel or possibly en route. Presumably it will change status again when arrived in UK.
  10. I have just received a message from my dealer which confirms the change in status from 'processing order' to 'build in progress' of my HEV Dynamic. Order placed at the end of September, so just about bang on 4 months to progressing to build. I'm told early May for delivery. The 'building your car' message has been unchanged for about a week now, so can any of you, who have had experience of this process already, give me an outline please, of the timing of stages through the MyT app that would indicate that the early May delivery is accurate.
  11. It's good to hear that cars are arriving and and being paired up with new owners. Appears that more PHEV models are coming through sooner. My HEV Dynamic ordered at the end of September had a delivery date in mid March. My dealer called me yesterday with the news that mid March is not likely to happen and suggested it will be more like some time in May. I did get an email the other day from Toyota UK, basically apologising for the delay. Very much just a general message. Nothing car specific and not much content to it other than giving me the same info as in MyT, i. e., still 'Processing order'. I'd be interested to know how many others on the forum are facing similar issues, when did they place order, projected delivery dates and any similar delays. Thanks everyone.
  12. I received an email from my dealer on 1st November last, with details that my order, placed at the end of September, for an HEV, Dynamic would be the new MY2022 spec. Email listed changes. MyT still showing being processed and a projected delivery in mid March when order was placed. I know no more. I have a feeling it will be later than that
  13. If it is an HEV, when did you place your order?
  14. HEV Dynamic ordered late September KJ initials, mid March delivery. Doesn't appear as there is too much logic
  15. I ordered my HEV Dynamic right at the end of September and was given a mid March delivery (no change as yet). Posts on the comparison with PHEV and HEV delivery seem to indicate the higher demand for HEV models. I would probably have gone for a PHEV model, but sadly at present, I have no facility for home charging, as we live in a complex of flats. The HEV for me is the best option. I have been told by my dealer that my vehicle will be a MY2022 build.
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