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  1. Hi Rob That is exactly correct 🙂 Unfortunately the standard hybrid RAV4 isn’t on my list lots of sub 2 litre Jags/Range Rovers/Mercs and Volvo hybrids are but whilst the BIK’s are similar the claimable mpg isn’t and ultimately would mean no cost saving and potentially a loss when the government changes the BIK for hybrid cars etc.
  2. Hi all i am due a new company car and whilst I have always been a diesel driver lots of hybrids and EV are now on the list and showing massive savings in BIK. My issue is that currently I cannot charge a vehicle at home (terraced house with no drive and permit parking) I don’t really want to opt out to get a diesel so have been doing some research on the hybrids and the RAV4 appears to come out top, ultimately my question is if I am running it on petrol only will I get a minimum of 30mpg I have read reports of upwards of 40mpg but that seems a lot for such a big vehicle.
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