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  1. Hi Catlover - Thank you very much for the explicit reply. I will follow all your points and will get the car thoroughly checked by a good mechanic before running again. I understood all your suggestions well. Many thanks. Best wishes
  2. Hi - Thanks a ton for reply. It's like when I added 20£ petrol I got two points on fuel gauge (earlier I had two points in reserve), but after running Just 30km, one point was over today. Now I can see only three points after running 30km. See this picture.
  3. Hi all - Recently I bought an used 2006 Aygo manual 1.0L, and I got very low fuel economy. Bit worried. I checked engine oil level today, and it blow my head that engine was literally dried without oil. I filled engine oil now. Is that the reason of low mileage? I filled 20£ E10 petrol, but got only 30 km when half of its used.
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