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  1. Multimedia on my Corolla is pathetic!! 1st Sat nav did not identify Speed Camera's, still does not pick all of them up. 2nd ,warning sound for Speed cameras us barely audible. 3rd, Auto Day/Night setting does not work. Cat has been back to Dealership for all three issues but does not identify any problems,so no rectification. **** System,**** back up from Toyota
  2. Found the setting but not made any difference!
  3. Where do you find that "automatic light control system".
  4. Recently discovered this. I have another problem with the Sat nav,would appreciate any advice. Although I have set the Day/Night to Auto,the screen just stays on Day screen all the time,which is way to bright when driving on unlit roads. Currently I am having to leave it set on night screen,which is for less tiring on the eyes!!!
  5. I was also given a reg no, but I was a lot closer than you are to Del date. I filled my days looking at vlogs about my car on you tube it got me through winter,there are loads. Sit tight,mine came a month earlier than the revised del date,due to the chip shortages.
  6. I got my Corolla GR Sport via a lease company. I had to find out from the lease company which dealership they had ordered it through, I then contacted that dealership who gave me the Vin number. I Still could not get as much info off "My T" as other forum members were saying. Apparently because I had not purchased through a Dealer!!
  7. Thanks Roy,I have a slight hearing impediment and have said previously this does not stop me hearing all the other warning sounds from the system. Like you,,occasionally I see a pop up Camera warning,but this is very inconsistent.Toyata have had the Car back,re programmed the system but this has still not solved any of the problems I have reported.That is why I posted what I did.
  8. Last two posts are missing the point ,you have paid for a system that is supposed to give you warning sounds and visual warnings you when approaching a speed camera. Basically this system does not, so in my opinion is not fit for purpose, so if you have no valuable comments please go back to sleep, Goodbye.
  9. How do I know of impending Speed cameras if I am in an unfamiliar location?
  10. Got my new 2ltr GR hb Sport MY 21.5 in mid Jan. Luv everything,except the Touch 2 Sat Nav. Compared to all other Cars with Sat nav and Individual Tom Tom Sat navs, this is by far the worst I have come across.I personally can not hear any warning sounds for Speed Camera's. My Wife can just about hear them if she is concentrating. The visual warning of an impending Speed camera is very hit and miss. The Camera's do not always show up on the main map!!! The sound volume for Speed camera warnings can not be increased,as confirmed to me by the Dealership Technician's and "Toyota .co.uk" Please don't suggest using Waze or any other app to overcome this. This is a £30k plus brand new car, you should not have to mess about using apps to be warned when a Speed camera is coming up. Toyota should be ashamed of themselves for this garbage mediacentre.
  11. Just had a response from Toyota Customer Relations.Following having confirmed that there is a warning sound,all be it very weak,which I can not detect,my only option according to them, is to take it to the Automobile Ombudsman!!!!!
  12. Hi , I have the same problem,but having the "Beep" turned on does not make any difference,it may be my hearing,but I can hear all the other beeps! does anyone know how to increase the volume on this particular beep?
  13. Do you know if this applies to the Nav in the Corolla 2021 sat navigation, can't find access to any controls for sound on speed camera warnings.Basically i can't hear a thing!
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