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  1. Tyre dealers here have access to the CoC of different cars and check a car's registration number before advising on authorized tyre sizes. To answer your question, I wasn't given a written confirmation. However, the documents of the 16 inch rims I bought state different cars that the rims are suitable for and the corresponding tyre sizes. The sizes mentioned therein are the same as the ones declared suitable by the tyre dealer. In the case of the Yaris XP9, XP9F the following sizes are acceptable: 195/45R16, 195/50R16, 205/45R16, 215/40R16 and 215/45R16. I went for the 195/50R16. Let's see how this will affect the performance and fuel economy.
  2. Thanks! I already consulted a tyre dealer and after checking the car registration documents, I was advised by a list of authorized sizes that I can change to without legal consequences. I am now more into the 195/50 R16 as it has the exact circumference as the original 185/60 R15 and it is not a big deviation from it in terms of tyre width and side wall.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I had no idea I should consult them. After checking I found that the 205/50 R16 is not an authorized size. The 205/45 R16 is however, authorized.
  4. Thanks! My first concern is stability and brake performance on slippery roads. I live in a city but rain and ice are very common. It is going to be all-weather tyres, btw.
  5. Any thoughts/ experiences regarding upgrading the standard 185/60 R 15 tyres to 205/50 R 16? It has the 1l. engine and did over 140 000 km. TIA
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