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  1. Do the speakers sound any better?
  2. Didn’t think of the manual, I’ll try. also my heated seats still don’t work properly, just did an hours drive. They come on for 1 minute and then off for 5 and repeat that pattern. Shambles
  3. Does anyone know if there is a specific fuse for the lumbar support on a pre face lift 2015 auris hybrid? doing some research it seems there may be one for electric seats but I don’t know if this would be the fuse? since my car went in to have heated seats fixed the lumbar button doesn’t work, the heated seats do though and looking under the seat everything is plugged in properly.
  4. Thanks Tony, the marks although disappointing I won’t chase to be fixed, but I want that lumber supper working as I can get a bad back and like to change it, also if I come to sell the car I want it to work as it should. how they can be so lazy as to not press a button is beyond me.
  5. So after 3 months (it will be 3 months in 2 days) I actually have my car back. im still left feeling annoyed though. there is marks and scratches in the car that weren’t there when I handed it over to them. The leather above the glove box now has 2 marks that won’t ever come off, there is a deep scratch on the silver inner door handle, gouges on the sill near my drivers seat and the white A pillars have black oily finger marks on them, which I have tried to clean off, just waiting for it to dry to see if it has worked. I sent it in for an issue with the front blower and heated seats fault. On my limited test of a short drive it seems those issues may be fixed, however my lumber support button now does nothing at all. I will obviously chase them up on this, but seriously do they not check things at burrows before sending them out, this is a ‘used approved car’ that has now left the garage with yet another fault.
  6. It does make me laugh how young drivers want to mod cars and ultimately turn a reasonably nice car into a noisy eyesore that they will struggle to resell, if they don’t crash it 😆 as some have said just go for comfort upgrades like some sensible window tinting, infotainment system which you can get from aliExpress. If it’s an older car look to doing some refurbs like replacing seat covers, warn gear knobs and so on. also don’t skimp on the tyres, especially if you are going to drive like a teenager 🙄
  7. Looking at that little gear stick makes me miss mine. I only had it a month before it went back to the garage and I’ve still got the courtesy car over 2 months later 😆😆
  8. Steven83

    Fuel Range

    When I bought my auris hybrid from Rotherham I had a 2 hour drive over the Pennines to Manchester. I can’t remember the miles but the trip computer said I had enough fuel to make it back. once I set off the distance until empty quickly dropped, obviously the mpg had been super high and as I drove at speed it brought the mpg down and so the range came down too. mid journey I was on red, 0 miles left and the next petrol station believe it or not was 20 minutes away, I couldn’t believe it and it was my first time properly driving the car and had no clue of when it would cut out. I made it to the petrol station with no spluttering or loss of power. I wouldn’t recommend doing it, I was forced into it, but I did get 20+ mins of driving at 40+ mph while on 0.
  9. That’s interesting. Theoretically if you are rich you shouldn’t need insurance, I’d poor people only need it because we likely couldn’t afford a huge payout I’d say we wrote off a car or seriously injured someone. the ironic thing is I’ve been driving for 21 years and never made a single claim or had a single accident. I’d hate to add up the amount of insurance I’ve paid considering my first car was about £1500 a year policy.
  10. I’m thinking total recall 😆
  11. But aren’t wages much higher in Scandinavian countries? 😆 It’s a shame when someone buys a low emission car to benefit from free/cheap tax and then it goes up. funny how all these “clean air” type taxes start coming in after the government paid a load of wages over the past few years. fuel has gone up so much recently that my hybrid now costs the same to drive 400 miles as it did in my 3.0 petrol bmw 😆
  12. We’ll be getting taxed to break wind soon.
  13. So been reading about the car tax hike that is apparently coming this year. at the moment my 2015 auris hybrid is free tax but I can’t find any info of whether I will need to start paying tax with these new rules. does anybody know?
  14. Must admit I had the new Yaris recently as a courtesy car and loved it. felt rapid from a stand still too. just with it was a bit more luxurious inside.
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