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  1. let home new battery works. newly forgot to take the breather tube out. took me 45 mins due to doing like 7pm but I think toyota only charge 15 pound to change it. but I cant very asked to book it in and then wait for it to be done. so just did it my self. dont use charger more then 3.5a on battery. please see pic
  2. its reading 10v so cleary lost the charge
  3. guess what the battery is flat again when toyota checked it all over 2 das ago and said no issues.
  4. Hello I am after 12v battery for my 2015 yaris hybrid due the car not starting first time but start after 10mins wait. where can I buy it from due to the fact Toyota have them on back order? Also I am guessing I can change them my self as a electronic engineer I am aware of the hybrid high voltage. Can one give brand and make of batter or even item number Thanks
  5. car look sicks how much did all tht cost lol
  6. tht car looks new, u did not respray it ?? great job looks brand new. my car is around 8 months old since new and urs looks much shinie then mine **** ur making me feel sad now asmy car does not look tht clean. how do u get them alloy weels so clean. my car alloy weels got brake dust already which is not coming of atall, tried many times :(
  7. could check the fuse box but i dont think it would be tht. pull the clock out if u can and check if there is power going to the clock if there is then it might be a good idea to replace the clock. get it from the scape yard
  8. Sorry to post this put i am lost and confussed i have read some threads on this forum but i am justtung more lost. All i know this is a car show for jap cars that about it. Could someone explain more to me abt this show. what sort of shows is it. is it a show where u bring u cars and show it or a show for something else. i know i dont know much abt this event but i am new to these sort of things. i read you have to be a club member to come to this event and park where the club members car park is, BUT member of what club i am lost i am a member with the toyota club which i got with my new car
  9. Yes that is soo true you will be even more frighten
  10. Do not watch if u get frighten easily as you will get frighten lots of times. this movie is excellent apart from how it is ended. this movie is one of the best movie i have seen for a very long time and i got frighten 3 times but the couple infront of me got frighten 5 times and u will get frighten as this movie is so excellent plus the graphics are excellent well recommed watching. if u are into this sort of thing u should watch this one as it will show ur true fear. if any one else has watched it then post u review.
  11. i watched it as well the car is excellent . i have seen two in real life one in car shop and one infront of me. the car went so fast i tried keeping but no chance it just zipped it so fast. excellent car.
  12. i saw it the day it came out and i did not like it. i watch loads and loads of movies and mr and mrs smith is a cool movie to watch. batman begins was ok as well. so what happens at the end of war of the worlds ? i did not understand tht.
  13. so true something should be done abt tht
  14. i think that is because they did not put mics on the crowed and they realized and then put mics on the crowd
  15. i am thinking of going tomorrow dont know yet i think i can buy the ticket on the door. BUT i am watching the goodwood show on ITV it looks excellent i wish i went to tht show. one of the best car in the world of the past and present
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