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  1. We have the Cross Climate 2's on our 2.0 TS and would definitely recommend them. Changed from the original OEM's to the CC2's after only 350 miles from new. They are noticeably quieter on the roads we use in the North. We don't have any experience of them in snow yet, but they will definitely be better than those noisy OEM Falkens. When our CC's were delivered my husband took them round to our local garage to have them fit and balanced. He remarked on how much lighter and flexible each Michelin was in comparison to the super stiff and very heavy summer Falkens. RosieApple
  2. Thanks for the suggestion we will give it a try. Rosie
  3. Hi all, Collected the new Corolla on Saturday and had a very enjoyable day out up the West Coast to Ravenglass, sharing the driving with my hubby and changing seats at various coffee stops etc. We both feel that the car has been well worth the wait. We like the driving experience, the seats are very supportive and comfy and feels nicely put together. We particularly like the ride comfort even though it has 18" wheels with low profiles. My other half feared that the ride comfort would be as bad as our last car, Levorg, which also had 18" wheels but slightly taller tyres. However, this has proved not to be the case as the suspension seems far more supple and able to cope with the lumps and bumps of our local roads far better than the Levorg. The Falken tyres are, as my husband noticed on the forums, very noisy particularly on the tar and chip dressings that our local councils' love as a default repair but when driving on proper tarmac roads the noise is minimal in comparison. Can't wait to resume our holidays in continental Europe and get on some decent roads. Surprised to find there are no sill guards in the thresholds of the doors as this is the first car we have bought that doesn't have them as standard (most top spec models usually have them as standard). Ours is an Excel so expected to see them there. We really miss the "blind spot/cross traffic alert" system which we have got used to on our last car over the 6 years of ownership. We managed to get my husband's phone connected via the data cable to Andoid Auto and was up and running in no time. However my older smartphone does not want to play ball and does not install the App successfully. Our first journey of just under 200 miles showed 49mpg with no slow driving but on open fast roads just as we would have driven our last car and probably achieved 39mpg at most. Love the colour, Manhattan Grey, and the pan roof and JBL just add the finishing touches. RzrAzr - you are correct in saying that the Toyota feels like the next level. Bye for now, Rosie
  4. Hi there, just letting you know that my Subaru left us today and we are collecting the new Corolla tomorrow, getting quite excited now to say the least! We've been waiting since the end of July and it arrived last Friday at the dealership. We called in to sign some paperwork and had a look at her in the compound. Must admit she looks pretty!! It's given a good forecast for our part of the world tomorrow so we are going on an extended journey up the West Coast. Wish us luck. We'll let you know what we think and if we agree with your thoughts. Rosie
  5. Hi all An update for you. Returning home from our break in Norfolk on Wednesday my husband's phone pinged and there was a message from the dealer to say the new Corolla was still showing for mid-November. That was the same message as previous. On returning home we checked the "My Toyota" site and it was actually showing "in build"! Today it is showing as having left the factory. So it would seem there is no going back now. OMG. My husband assures me that I will love the new car and I am sure I will. My purse is going to like it too regarding the mpg. The Levorg achieved an average of 43mpg on our recent long journey. The car's lifetime average has been mid-30's so it will be nice to see an improvement from the new car judging on members comments on here. So bye for now and I will keep you posted. Cheers Rosie
  6. Hi there folks Many thanks for your enouraging words about my worries over whether the Toyota is going to live up to my love of the Levorg. We have been out for a few hours in the Levorg today and she drives like a charm. We are also having a few days away in her shortly and hopefully by then we will have heard some good news regarding the delivery date for the Corolla. I have come to the decision that if my dealer tells me it's not going to arrive until the end of November I will be cancelling the order and possibly losing the £250 deposit. The Levorg is in need of a six year service and some new tyres shortly so I really need to be making my mind up once and for all. I'll keep you posted on the situation. Many thanks Rosie
  7. Hi there folks, I am waiting for a definite delivery date for my new Toyota Corolla 2.0 TS Exel. I went into my local dealership at the end of July and had a test drive with my husband in the most appalling weather conditions imaginable. Torrential rain, flash flooding etc. We enjoyed the little time we had allocated for the test drive and both liked the comfort, ride, handling and looks of the demo (2.0 GR TS). We ended up signing up for a new Exel 2.0TS the following day with the factory options of the pan roof, JBL sound system and a towbar for our 2 electric bikes. We were initially given a delivery date of end of September/beginning October but this has recently been changed to sometime mid-November although nothing concrete. This has given us time to reflect on this purchase and whether we really want to go ahead with it. We are coming from a Subaru Levorg 1.6T 4WD. A lovely car which, although has not proved popular with journalists and motoring press, has exceeded our expectations. In the six years we have owned it there has never been anything to do other than service and fuel. The Levorg is virtually the same dimensions as the TS hence why we decided on that model. I am getting more reluctant to give up my Subaru as time goes on and considering cancelling the order. My questions are: Are we going to enjoy the Corolla as much as the Levorg? (Subjective) Is the fit and finish of the Corolla as good as the Levorg? Is the Hybrid system going to cause problems when it is not being used a great deal, particularly in winter? The Levorg starts every time regardless of how long it has been standing unused. From reading the forums my husband is picking up that the Toyota is a car that needs to be used regularly over moderate journeys in order to keep the Hybrid system healthy so, for our particular needs of a little used vehicle in winter, is a Toyota Hybrid a good choice? Regards Rosie
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