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  1. Imagine you are a 24 year old girl walking to your car at a night or more often looking for your car at night in a busy car park. Trust me i know it sounds insignificant but I have it on my car and it is so simple but makes difference.
  2. Fair enough, the door locking if i have read correctly, is standard equipment in America as by law it's required. The rear cameras and parking sesnors i can understand as they require hardware whereas the door locking and lights at night are just software features. As @Stopeter44 said though with the spec she bought (2.0 gr sport) these simple features i would have considered standard especially considering all the other fancy tech it has. Anyway, i think i will just disable the smart entry and see how she gets on.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies, seems as though she just missed out on the new updated security key then so will have to do without smart entry. Toyota seem like they are so late to the party. Her choice was this or a 1 series but we opted for the Toyota, having had a 1 series myself in the past the Toyota won because it was a hybrid and a longer warrranty but there are a couple of really simple things that are annoying like for example why when she unlocks the car the headlights don't turn on when it's dark or why when you drive away the doors don't automatically lock instead of having to push a button everytime and the smart entry not being up to scratch. These security features especially for a young girl are actually quite important especially when driving or out and about at night in the winter. I assumed when she bought the car being so new i would have these as standard. I can remember in 2016 and 17 buying a faraday pouch for my dads car so its been known for a long time now!
  4. My sisters is a Sept 21 so im guessing she doesnt have the 'new' key?
  5. There has been a lot of cars stolen recently from my area using the keyless entry signal amplification scam so my sister asked my to deactiavte hers. She has a Sept 2021 GR Sport and doesnt mind using the key as it saves her having to remember to put it in a faraday pouch at night. I went into the vehicle settings and toggled smart entry to off. Great. Now she has to use the key now to open and close which is perfect. However now when she opens the car and gets into the driver seat ithe ignitionn wont even turn on. The only way I can get it to start is by holding the key up to the start button for a minute then it starts but surely she doesnt have to do this everytime? On her older Corolla 2020 it didnt have smart entry but as long as the key was on her person she could start the car. I hope this isnt too confusing but surely if i turn smart entry off I should still be able to start the car with the key on my person?
  6. From what I see online there aren’t many places to buy the quality ppf from apart from eBay. I did the wing mirrors today but it was too cold to be honest even in the garage. I have the piano black at the front under the number plate (vacant remember if they all do) and I know from experience it’s going to get a hammering from motorway driving so I would really like to protect it. As you said I may just have a ring around and see if anywhere has templates.
  7. Definitely an untapped market here in the uk. I would love to be able to buy precut paint protection film (ppf) for the door mirrors and the front bumper. I can always do my own for the mirrors but the bumper is more difficult. Especially for the black accents. It would be even better if there was ppf for the piano black around the centre console. Seems much more popular in the US. Has anyone come across any in the UK that aren’t an arm and a leg.
  8. Reading about the new multimedia system is frustrating as I just picked up a 2.0 GR Sport a couple weeks ago build date in September. It has the soon to be older multimedia system. I won’t mind so much if they update the old one but the wireless Apple CarPlay is a kicker. I guess I’ll have to buy an adapter.
  9. Fair enough but in the US by law it must have global locking so it’s merely a software decision and it makes the car a lot safer. The car I’m talking about is the gr Corolla 2.0 so it is the top spec but I understand the RAV4 is more expensive. Can’t be too annoyed though considering the standard equipment that it has.
  10. I’ve been toying with a thinkware f200 pro. The rear camera from what I can understand is just a simple camera. Sounds like I’ll just have to order it and hope for the best. The other thing that really annoys me that the new Corolla doesn’t seem to have is global locking eg when you pull away the doors automatically lock. Seems like the rav4 has it but not the Corolla in the uk.
  11. Has anyone had any issues installing a rear dash cam in regards to the DAB radio and it’s antenna. About the purchase a rear cam and the installer is warning me that it may affect the DAB radio.
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