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  1. God yeah its a lovely car Had a great pic of it on my PC before but lost it Have to say is by far the nicest gen1 i've ever seen
  2. Well the Cynos is sold Not only that but its also wrote off too <new owner done this not me> ah well bigger and better things Bye Bye Cynos see more pics here
  3. Has anyone got a picture of Lil's paseo (shes gone now i belive ). The one with the Skyline R33 Rear Lights. If anyone has a pic could they email it to me cathal at eisystems .ie or just post it up here Thanks
  4. I've got a front onderground design bumper and a set of onderground design sideskirts I'm in Ireland but i'll try find out about the price for shipping if your interested It's for a gen II 96-99
  5. Hi does the shop you got them from have an online store as i cant source them anywhere and i've only seen 2 paseos with them No where in ireland does anthing or is interested in getting you anything for them
  6. Does anyone know where to get these online? M3 Mirrors for GEN2 Paseo I've searched high and low but cant find them anywhere Can anyone help me Cheers Irish_Cynos Can be seen on openeye's car below
  7. Sweet looking car I'm at present waiting on my bodykit to be sprayed and i'll post up pics when its finished I've a question What mirrors are they Are they custom baseplates?
  8. I've an onderground design front bumper and side skirts up 4 grabs I'm in ireland though, but if you've any suggestions for shipping it over or you want to arrange pickup you can have it at a very good price email me for pics etc
  9. As the title says, Is there anyone on here from Ireland that drives a paseo or cynos? I've never seen a modified one in Ireland bar my own
  10. Thanks for all the replys I'll see what i can do and post up a pic or two when i'm done
  11. Cheers lads, i'll see what i can make up. I've a ondergroung design bumper doing on so theres plenty of room behind it to run the piping down to Will water from rain not get sucked up through this though? Insurance doesnt allow for the 4efte conversion yet
  12. Whats the best induction kit for my Cynos it's a 1.3l Gen II 1. Weapon r secret 2. Weapon r Dragon 3. K and N - Will the 1.5l one fit the 1.3? i think they do but couldnt be sure Also looking for some Blue HT Leads Any suggestions? Thanks