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  1. I didn't see any other makes when I was looking (there was one other that isn't available - think it was a croud fund thingy).  I did find similar things that are designed to work with an aftermarket head unit that runs on Android, rather than an OEM one that is android auto compatible.  For these you install an app on the head unit (like you do on your phone) so that the little box works.

  2. So I got fed up of waiting for UK supply chains and ordered a Motorola MA1 from the states via eBay.

    This allows wireless android auto and now I just get in the car, put my phone on the wireless charge pad (if going a longer distance) and the phone connects to android auto automatically.  No need to plug anything in.  

    I have stuck the motorola gizmo to the underside of the dash above the USB port, you cant tell its there.

    I have had a message once saying it had diconnected and had to unplug it and plug it back in - but has been working fine apart from that one off event.

    Only other thing was I had to change my phone case to a slightly thinner one to have reliable wireless charging.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, FiestaRed said:

    The app does tell you if the car's locked or not but no option to remotely lock it which I agree is a great feature. Not sure why Toyota hasn't got this as the two lowly Astras I had before the Corolla had it.

    Can you tell me where in the app I can see if the car is locked?

  4. Response from Toyota (great service)


    Hi Chris,



    Thank you for your email, I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with the app. 


    This feature is only available to our testing and preview environment, this should not be visible in the released app and we are working on removing this feature as it is causing issues with the app. 


    The is being worked on as a priority and will be removed from the app shortly, in the meantime I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


    If you are still experiencing issues with the app please delete and re-download. 


    Thank you for your patience and for contacting Toyota. 


    Kind regards,


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  5. My t was just updated and I now have a button for remote park.


    Unfortunately app crashes and closes eveytime I push the new button (android phone). 


    What does this exiting new button actually do!!??

  6. Thanks guys, I regulary find that turning the climate on through the app takes 20 secs or so, but like Nick said, it always happens.


    Ernie, I am 95% sure I can turn on the remote the climate through the app whilst it is charging.


    Maybe my issues have been a little server glitch but will keep an eye on it!

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  7. Anyone else having issues recently with remote climate control.  When trying to turn on I get a message saying error, the climate control cannot be switched on or off.  Ensure all the doors of the car are closed properly and try again.

    If i use the key, to turn on climate, it works fine, and then the app will work as normally to turn it off and on

    All the doors are closed, the car locks, all interior lights go off as normal, remote key AC works fine - which makes me think it is the app / servers that have the issue rather than the car.


    Its so inconvenient not being able to turn your car heat on without having to open the front door and press the button (also cant set front demist on!) - I know a 1st world problem eh!

  8. 48 minutes ago, ernieb said:

    Chris, the trouble is that the black has a blue flake which looks good when the light catches it in the sun but a pain to colour match. I have a small scratch on the side of the roof and bought 218 Galaxy black, I've not used it yet, too cold and wet.

    I'm hoping that the bug deflector I bought but not fitted might reduce some of the smaller front chip damage, not fitted yet as again it's too cold to fix the helicopter tape that protects the bonnet connections from rubbing.

    These are 3 small chips so hopefully won't be that noticable with a dob of paint on! Thanks for the reply, I might have to wait and get your feedback when it warms up on how the 218 matches!!

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  9. 47 minutes ago, Saxacat said:

    I think you'll find the code on one of the plates on the car; the plate that shows the weight of the car.1910813269_paintcode.thumb.jpg.2f8060abd6d8830e0c9080a8cc51438e.jpg

    Ah thanks, I assumed that would just have shown the main colour of the car! Will look when it has warmed up outside!

  10. i live in aberdeenshire, have set cabin heating on whilst plugged in at about minus 7 and it seemed to warm up - but after the 20 min timer it hadnt hit the 22degC setpoint.  I set it going again and when i went to the car it was nice and toasty.  


    Not seeing any mega cold snaps in the weather forecast next week but can keep a closer eye and give more specifics next time it does cool down if you wish

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  11. Washing the car today and have a few paint chips around the side and top of windscreen.  Does anyone know the gloss black paint code suitable for the dynamic phev? 

    Annoyingly the paint underneath is red like the car so they are very noticeable!


  12. Has anyone had an issue with the scheduled heating not working  randomly? (2021 PHEV).

    I have a schedule heating daily, sometimes the car is plugged in, sometimes it isnt.  Every now and again, it just doesnt happen and I am chilly when I get in the car! (I would say 10% of the time it seems to forget to heat up!)

    I cant make a link with ambient temps, it has worked down to minus 8 so far (live outside of aberdeen in the chilly north) but this morning it was hovering around zero degC and it didnt turn on.

    Also, have had it work with the traction Battery quite low (showing <15 miles range) so cant make a link there either!

    I know its a first world problem but wondered if anyone else had the same experience?

  13. sorry Ian, Cant say if the cars attitute is altering at speed, I can only tell you my experience, and that is that when i go faster, it appears the lights are pointing lower - could be a perception rather than reality - I have taken a few pictures with my dash cam, will try upload them and see what they show!  might show I am mad, might show I am not!!


    I am going to adjust the drivers up a little bit at the weekend to match the passenger side as the more I notice it now, the more I think it actually would help a bit!

  14. ok so checked, nearside is spot on, offside is slightly low - but not too bad.  If you get in the back you can seeing them adjusting.  But still, when stationary or going slow they seem fine, as soon as you get some speed up, they are just pointing so low!  

  15. Any other PHEV users finding the headlight aim is very low?  We live in the countryside and at night, you litterally cant see more that 10m in front of you unless you have the full beams on!

    The manual says they are auto eveling depending on the load in the car which they might be, but they auto level with a very low aim!!

  16. thanks for the replies everyone, brim to brim fill is a great method but I have been using the car daily for a few weeks now and..... havent had to visit the petrol station so that isnt giving me the numbers I was looking for - however, @ernib unlocked it for me - the screenshot of the my T app what what i was missing, I wasnt scrolling along to see the total MPG chart, but I am sorted now, thanks very much!

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