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  1. Hi ho, Got 900 miles on my PHEV now but am really struggling to find overall MPG figures over that 900 miles. When I turn the car off, it gives me a value for that journey, and in the infotainment, I can find a graph which gives MPG but only seems to give that for an individual week. I also cant find anything in myT. Is there a secret stash of driving data in an unobvious menu path that I am missing? THanks Chris
  2. I also found a way to turn it off this morning! How long till I regret that I wonder!!
  3. Thanks all, I can't think I have opened the rear doors at all yet..... However will be more aware going forwards and see if I can make the link!
  4. Morning all Picked up a new phev on Saturday, currently done 550 miles in it and really enjoying the car. One thing, I would say when turning it off, 50% of the time I get the following message in the dash: "Attention check rear seat" The backs of seats are firmly in place and there is nothing on them. Anyone else have this message coming up? Thanks Chris
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Huiye-Interior-Accessories-Console-concole/dp/B08LG2PTB5?th=1 I think this is the same - there is a picture of someone holding it in hand - doesnt look symetrical - not saying it wont work though - maybe the non symetrical is one to go on the door rather than center console I suspect I will have the same issue so interested in seeing what you do!
  6. https://www.zap-map.com/pts/2uw6kgt/ It is a new station (open for 12 months), I think the aim is that anyone who lives this side of aberdeen that works in the city would use this as a commuter hub. It does seem overkill at the moment but crime isnt a major issue here and it is out of the village a little way so hopefully vandals will leave it well alone!
  7. thanks all for the input. I have ordered a heavy duty extension lead for the time being till I get going (from toughleads.co.uk). Once I have used the car for a few weeks and see how I get on with just charging at work then I can see if its worth doing something more permanent!
  8. Agreed but there are 24 charging points and I have never seen more than 2 cars in the car park - Its a new local train station so they put in loads of chargers, I guess to make future proof! I also suspect they would pick up on my plan - if they really wanted to!
  9. THank you, I will look to buy a second one
  10. Hi all, picking up a new PHEV dynamic on Saturday and thinking about home charging - how long is the supplied charge cable? I have plenty of sockets in the garage to plug it into but have a 7.5m motorhome in front of the garage so need a long lead to pass it and reach when the car can be parked! Thanks Chris
  11. I pick mine up on Saturday, coming from an old mitsubishi diesel. I am in a similar boat, hoping to charge at work using newly installed 7kw chargers (hoping they will be free!) and if not, charge overnight via 3 pin plug. THere are also free chargers at the train station 3 miles away, thinking I can walk the dog whilst it charges - but the car park does say for station users only - wonder if they would ever try to stop me seeing as though its an unmanned station!!
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