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  1. About three and a half months. Took delivery late June, had the problem fixed a couple of weeks ago.
  2. I had this fixed under warranty. There's a known problem with a service advisory. The trim covering the A-panel vibrates against the dash. Pushing down the speaker seems to solve the problem but it's not actually the speaker to blame. Easily fixed by the dealership.
  3. I'm likely to be taking delivery of my 22 model year Yaris Excel with Tech Pack late next week (probably Friday). Is the user manual for that model available online? I tried finding it on the Toyota UK website using the VIN and it came up with nonsense results. Given that there's a different infotainment system with Smart Connect, wireless Android Auto etc I'd prefer to get the updated manual rather than the original, if possible.
  4. It's in the first post in this thread, differences in 22MY cars.
  5. Yes, that's it. I'm trying to ensure I get the 22 model year, because it has wireless Android Auto, integral navigation and better door trims. Will I get that or not? And can I ensure I do in some way? Also any price difference?
  6. I ordered a Yaris Hybrid Excel with Tech Pack in late October and have been quoted various delivery dates between April and June. Will I get the 21 or 22 model year? Is there any way I can ensure it's the latter? And would there be any additional charge?
  7. Thanks Cyker, your points match my understanding based on the brochure/website. I'll do as you suggest and wait for the Excel/Tech Pack I've ordered.
  8. I've ordered a Yaris Excel with Tech Pack and been told to expect delivery in April. There's a Launch Edition I could have much sooner. Cosmetic items aside, would I miss out on any features by doing so? The brochure says yes, the dealer no...
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