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  1. Quick update - I used my phone to 'purchase' the map update and i can now indeed see the actvation code as Cessna described. Thanks so much!
  2. Hi Cessna, Thanks so much for replying. So I have checked and re-checked your procedure above but there is a problem. Once I get to your 3rd step things don't match up. My list of active products shows only "Mapcare Yaris - Yaris (starting xx/xx/xxxx , expiring 29/08/2022)" nothing else in the active list is relevant. Once expanded it shows a red Toyota logo and Mapcare - Receive Free Map updates, Device ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx There is an installation help button in black with only shows help for generalised application installs (useless) and an 'i' icon simply telling me what the installation help button does. EDIT: If I choose to purchase 11.18.0L update from the e-Store it states clearly that, whilst I can purchase it for £119.00 it is provided free via Mapcare which it seems i already have - since it says it's free and it has allowed me to download the entire 5GB file. OTA upgrades dont work either even though my car is registered fully online and via the Touch 2 Go Toyota login using bluetooth internet. Has anyone else updated their system from the free 3-year mapcare plan or has everyone just literally bought the product online via e-store for which im assuming Cessna's intructions match up? EDIT 2 - Never mind i think I figured it out! - foolishley I didnt realise I needed to 'purchase' each map update (for a price of £0.00 lol) Typical that i cannot do so due to "some problems with our system right now, please try again later" - I assume, when the system allows the 'purcase', I'll be able to follow Cessna's instructions fully...perhaps. Grr - why on earth did it let me download the map in the first place if i have to purchase it?
  3. Can someone help? I'm a new Yaris hybrid 2019 owner but cannot seem to see the required "activation code" it asks for when it begins the update the maps using the USB stick. I have free updates until 08/2022. Can someone please point me to where i would find this specifically? 6.18.0L is on my USB ready to install but I'm stuck when it asks for this validation key. the car was purchased 2nd hand a few weeks ago but has never been updated seemingly.
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