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  1. Why do you solve so complicated valves on metal wheels with plastic covers and the inability to inflate tires through them? Is it such a big problem to always remove the cover and reassemble it? Work on 1 round, always for 10 and 10 seconds. I made a product from sheet metal that helps me take off the cover and I have no problem with inflating the wheels.
  2. An extensive test of VW 502.00 motor oils was published in the magazine Svět motorů No. 8/2022, published in the Czech Republic, and the original Suzuki 0W16 oil was also tested for comparison purposes. The Suzuki 0W16 oil test was extremely favorable in terms of engine wear. I have no problem with these low viscosity oils, especially in Japanese engines.
  3. I would rather be interested in the additional assembly and connection of the analog, hand-held tachometer on Aygo manufactured in the years 2015 - 2021. I own Aygo's year of production 2021 without any tachometer and I am considering additional assembly. Does anyone already have any experience with this, or does they know the assembly procedure and its connection?
  4. He probably wanted to say that he wanted to try out the new Aygo X with a slot machine, but the dealers only had the old type of Ayga available. At least that's how I understood it.
  5. Jak jsi zjistil jak? Systém ovládání a nastavení spojky je u všech typů Aygo stále stejný.
  6. Congratulations on long-term battery life. It was not so unusual before, at a time when the STAR-STOP system had not been introduced. Today, systems with smart charging and the need for EFB or AGM batteries are not able to achieve this. But this is due to the pressure of the green lobby for better emissions, so we have to come to terms with it.
  7. Yes, with the Ayga's cold engine, the engine control unit adds itself to idle speed until the catalytic converter warms up and, for models from 2018, the EGR valve also warms up. Therefore, until the idle speed drops to the normal value after about 1 minute, coordination of the clutch and the increased throttle at idle is difficult.
  8. That's right, learn to control and coordinate the accelerator and clutch pedals well. Recently, my wife bought a new Aygo and I, who drive lifetime cars from VW AG, so I had to learn to gently operate the Aygo and its clutch again.
  9. Hi. I live in the homeland of Ayga, ie in the Czech Republic. I don't speak English, so I use google language translator, so sorry. I am a pensioner and so far I have owned a Škoda car 6 times. Now I bought my wife a new Aygo, year of manufacture 2021 and we are still satisfied with the car and I am glad that I discovered this forum. Dušan Vláčil
  10. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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