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  1. I suddenly realised the estimated delivery date was on the order form and is the 29th December. I have since had my order amended to remove the City Pack but the date is the same.
  2. Been told I have to sign and return the amended order form, so not sure why your dealer hasn’t documented it? Ams according to the Toyota listing, the prices include VAT 😊
  3. Happy to say I managed to get my order amended – although not without some perseverance on my part, so absolutely it can be done, seemingly without that much effort. Now it’s just the long, long wait for my Cross Excel!
  4. Apologies - I’ve ordered the Cross Excel
  5. Quick question - I put in an order for Excel with Pan roof and City Pack on the 10th June; a week ago I emailed the dealers asking to cancel the city pack as I prefer to go with the standard screen. He finally came back today and said it couldn’t be changed (even though estimated delivery is 29Th December). is this correct? Has anyone else successfully amended orders? I’ve told him if not, I don’t mind him cancelling the original order and resubmitting - I would rather get what I want….
  6. I’ve emailed the dealer and asked if my City Pack can be cancelled, think I value the better multi media system over 360° view and dynamic reversing lines (manage just fine with the static ones on my Yaris Mk4). Baytree, is the dashcam fitting something your dealership offers? I might look into this for mine
  7. I am curious to know what packs people have gone for with the Yaris Cross. Ordered my Excel last week with pan roof and City and Adventure packs. But now I’m having an internal battle about the City Pack - do I value a nicer, bigger, wireless connected screen over dynamic reversing lines and the other bits that the city pack comes with. Interested to know what others have gone for, or thoughts on the matter 😊
  8. Thanks all - if I’m lucky, I might get it in time for Christmas then 😊 Better times than other manufacturers - I know someone who wants to order a Cupra Formentor - lead time of double that!
  9. Upgrading my Yaris Design to a Yaris Cross Excel while the trade in prices are so favourable (essentially lost no value since I bought it!) and placed my order last week. As this is a more long term car, have gone more bells and whistles so also getting pan roof and City / Adventure packs. I know lead times are massive, but wondered if anyone had ordered recently and what the delivery time had been estimated as? My dealership was quite vague on the matter, and am curious as to what others have been told 😊
  10. Happened to me today - has the BRAKE! warning a couple of times over the last year, but today it full on emergency stopped… for a pedestrian walking round a corner to our left, onto our road, but still very much on the pavement. Luckily the car behind me must have been on the ball as was on a 40mph road 😳
  11. I had one yesterday. It’s for the radar sensor for the pre-collision system not being initialised or activated correctly during production.
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